Kenton-on-Sea spacial development framework (SDF)

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Blog, Building and Town Planning

Click here to view the Kenton-on-Sea spacial development framework (SDF)

KOSRA received the review of the SDF on 18 December 2022.

A ‘Spacial Development Framework’ (SDF) is a framework that seeks to guide, overall spatial distribution of current and desirable land uses within a municipality in order to give effect to the vision, goals and objectives of the municipal IDP. It must reflect the Municipality’s strategy to deliver infrastructure and services in a sustainable and cost effective manner. Furthermore it needs to consider the growth in the area and ensure the management benefit the environment and it’s inhabitants.

Kenton-On-Sea collected 590 signatures in support of the SDF!

Due to numerous objections, KOSRA successfully managed to get Ndlambe Municipality to confirm that they will undertake the formulation of a ‘Precinct Development Plan’ for the full extent of Kenton-On-Sea and that it will provide a platform for detailed engagement between the interested parties and has the potential to reduce potentially unnecessary conflict.

Ndlambe Municipality will look for Funding from the Provincial Government to Fund the development of the Kenton-On-Sea ‘Precinct Plan’.

Pollos Purdon
On behalf of KOSRA


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