Update on the proposed town planning & building regulation amendments

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Dear Kenton Ratepayer

Following on our AGM and the sharing of the Ndlambe Town Planning 3rd Draft Proposal for the amendments to the current building regulations, which were published on our website on 9 January 2019: www.kentonratepayers.co.za.

(Current Bylaws 20043rd Draft ProposalPossible Solution)

Firstly thank you to all the comments and objections we have received so far.

We want to update you with the following:

As KOSRA, we object to the 3rd Draft Proposal, should you wish to support our objection to this proposal, send Pollos (pollos@houseplanner.co.za) an email with your name and ERF number or address in Kenton-on-Sea. 
We have included the wording to use to make it easier – just click, name and send!  The more comments or letters of support we receive – the better standing we have with the Town Planner.  So ADD your VOICE!

We will be sharing and publishing KOSRA’s Proposal which we will be submitting to Ndlambe at the end of January, on 28 January via email and website. 

Please keep an eye out for this proposal, which is being prepared by Kevin van Huyssteen, our legal representative.

Thanks for your continuing support,
Pollos & your KOSRA committee


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