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by | May 29, 2019 | Blog, Building and Town Planning

KOSRA has, for a while now, been trying to find out what plans are afoot for Telkom in Kenton! Unfortunately, we have not had a great deal of success.

However, in saying that, our KOSRA SLEUTH did manage to find a verbose subcontractor with insider knowledge. So here it is, true or not, from the horse’s mouth!

Over the last few months Telkom have been replacing landlines with wireless phones. These wireless phones have a SIM card similar to those used in cell phones, and this is Telkom’s first step to get rid of their copper wire system by March 2020.

The next step will be to upgrade the tower near the police station. This will provide an LTE high-speed service which, in all probability, is the future for us all. Customers with 4G or 10G connections will need to have those changed to wireless.

“Why not fibre?” our SLEUTH asked.

Telkom, it would seem, has not carried out any market research or made any attempt to establish their customers’ preferences. They believe that fibre in Kenton would not be economically viable. Well, let’s face it, three quarters of the houses in Kenton are empty for most of the year and one can understand their point of view.

Nevertheless, fibre is the future and the more people committed to using it, the cheaper it will be.

Apparently Telkom has already installed fibre in a few places; the police station and CBD for example, so we can conclude that it’s not too difficult to get here!

So let’s do our own public participation survey then we can let TELKOM know, what we, their customers would like!


This poll is now closed. You can click here to read the results




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