Results: Telkom Fibre Poll

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blog, Building and Town Planning

Hi Kenton Residents

Thanks to those of you who responded so enthusiastically to the Fibre Poll (click here to read the original article)

We sent out approximately 700 emails and we got 150 replies. That’s over 20% so not too bad! The interesting thing is that 92% of the participants would like to have, or at least investigate, having fibre.

Our famous SLEUTH has, at last, found a Telkom Official who is willing to talk to us about communication options for Kenton.  We have given him the results of our poll and lots of other relevant information about Kenton. We are hoping to update you shortly on those discussions.

In the meanwhile, we would appreciate it, if you get any notices from Telkom (other than ones stating that you haven’t paid your account) to let us know. Also, if you have any persistent problems with your Telkom Service let us know and we can relay all that information to our new Telkom champion. Email

Redmond Taggart
KOSRA Committee



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