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Application for Sub-division of Erf 3134 and Consolidation with Remainder of Erf 3139 Kenton-on-Sea

KOSRA lodged an objection early in July 2019 to an application for the subdivision and consolidation of the three erven involved. The re-organisation of the three erven is a necessary step in order to erect a shopping centre and offices, with a service station on the remainder of Erf 3139.

The Applicant lodged an inch thick Response to the objection with Ndlambe in November 2019, but ‘forgot’ to give KOSRA a copy. With the help of the Town Planning Department, KOSRA committee members met with the architect last Tuesday. The Chief Town Planner kindly made a copy of the Response for us during the meeting.

KOSRA subsequently perused the Response and whilst not in principle against the establishment of another filling station and shops in the area, in the light of the contents of the Response, felt it necessary to bring to the attention of the Tribunal many issues for consideration.

We also noted that SANRAL had already approved the proposal in January 2019 and accepted the Traffic Expert’s report without question, and without imposing any conditions relating to road safety or congestion. KOSRA has therefore also written to SANRAL expressing dismay at the lack of measures to address road safety and congestion at an already very dangerous intersection and asking them to reverse their approval.

KOSRA, before taking this proposed development into account, had already sent five communications to SANRAL requesting the speed limit on the relevant section of the R72 to be reduced to 60kmh, and speed cameras and traffic circles to be installed at all three intersections in the area.

We therefore concluded that the Application for subdivision and consolidation, as a necessary and integral step towards a petrol station and shopping centre in this precise position should, particularly for traffic and safety reasons, be declined.

Click here to read the letter to Ndlambe.

Click here to read the letter to SANRAL.


  1. I can seriously not see how traffic into – and out of the proposed development can be successfully organised. The flow of traffic at these crossroads is as is it is precarious and dangerous on an everyday basis, and much much worse during holiday seasons.

    Application for calming circles has been discussed at lenght before, without any success. Hopefully something will happen in the near future.

    As has became widely known lately, quite a big development is about to be started next to the Red apple complex soonest as well

  2. Their original drawings showed good options traffic. With a bit of Dual carriage way and a slip road starting after the Kariega Bridge.
    Agree they need to at least do the same on the exit from Kenton.

    I propose that we support the consolidation and include a request for traffic to be sorted out, by adding slip roads or a large traffic circle.


  3. Well done.
    Too little attention to the impact by the relevant authorities.

  4. Ask the previous chairman of Kosra where the committee’s objections are filed. These objections were directed to Ndlambe, the consulting engineers and, I think, SANRAL. I understood that the matter had been shelved and that the developer was looking at a filling station adjacent to the so called “emergency service” building.

  5. Good morning,

    Thank you KORSA for your diligence and action in this matter. We also previously registered our objection to the proposed developments also sighting the dangerous intersection as a reason. We note that were were also not forwarded a copy of the Applicants response as we should have been as we are registered interested parties.

  6. Queuing at the current filling station over Christmas is, to say the least, chaotic, with traffic blocking the street. I would support the development conditional upon the authorities finding an acceptable traffic control solution, albeit with the introduction of speed humps, turning circles or traffic lights, or a combination of all these measures.

  7. Thank You for your efforts in this regard.
    I fully support your approach.

  8. Thanks for these well thought- through letters. As a professional engineer with 40 years of experience in the roads sector, I would suggest that we also mention the restricted sight distance on the R72 in both directions at the approach to the existing intersection (unless this has been improved in the planning, which I have not had sight of)

  9. I continue to support the objection to a garage and shops at the entrance to Kenton. It would destroy the entrance to our village and make it extremely dangerous. I fully support the other development proposed for the area across from Marseille.

  10. KOSRA we applaud the effort and due diligence in raising ratepayers concerns regarding the poorly conceived and unwanted development as envisioned by the developers. The so-called traffic expert certainly is clueless as to the reality of traffic on the R72. Sanral I believe cannot justify their approval for the development. In the last edition of the Talk of the Town residents from Kleinnemonde have appealed to the authorities and Ndlambe Municipality to do something about the number of accidents and fatalities that are occurring at their intersections onto the R72. A far worse scenario would befall Kenton if this goes ahead as planned.

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