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by | Apr 8, 2021 | Blog, Building and Town Planning

Statement regarding KOSRA’s position on town planning matters.

KOSRA is often sent, by Ndlambe Municipality, applications for departure or relaxation of building lines, rezoning, subdivision and other town planning matters. Except in certain special circumstances that may be determined by KOSRA on a case by case basis, KOSRA will endeavour to maintain a neutral and impartial position in relation to town planning issues.

KOSRA wishes to emphasis the requirement for owners to comply fully with all aspects of the law. KOSRA specifically records that it does not condone any breach of the law.

In order for KOSRA to remain impartial on these issues we will publish on our website each application we receive from the municipality for information purposes only. This will afford YOU the ratepayers the opportunity to easily access these applications and their supporting documentation and comment directly to the town planning department at the municipality.

KOSRA takes no responsibility for the correctness or otherwise of the content of any town planning document that may be published. The mere publication of any town planning application or information bears no relation to any time limit for objection or for the taking of any step. It is the primary responsibility of any property owner who may be affected by any town planning matter to take timeous and appropriate professional advice in his or her own interests.

This new section on our website will be live in the next week and we will send an email to announce it.


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