Notice of intention to review the Ndlambe Spatial Development Framework and request for interested and affected parties

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As KOSRA represents the ratepayers and the interests of our community, we feel it is our responsibility and duty to bring this to your attention, and to invite public participation in response to Ndlambe Municipality Integrated Land-Use-Scheme 2019.

With current and future development proposals in Kenton constantly referred to the Town Planning Portfolio of KOSRA, it is up to us to identify areas of concern common to all residents and ratepayers and to work together to promote cohesiveness and fairness, within our community.

Public Participation is essential to producing a well-developed and inclusive framework for the Ndlambe Local Municipality.

If you have any concerns, objections or proposed amendments to the Municipality’s Spatial Development Framework Plan that you feel you would like to raise, please address them to the Town Planning Department of Ndlambe Municipality and motivate your reasoning,  including the effects it would have on you, your neighbourhood, etc.

Among the factors to take into consideration when submitting your views, are

  • The need for proposed developments
  • The desirability of proposed developments
  • The effect on the amenities of life of people living around developments
  • The effect on property values of surrounding properties.

Interested and Affected Parties (I & AP’s – residents, homeowners, architects, builders, developers, business owners, etc.) are encouraged to put forward their views and are hereby invited to register as an “Interested and Affected Party” with  the Manager of Town Planning, Ms Ntombi Ngxwashula ( or  Further enquiries can be directed telephonically on 046 604 5520/5596.

All objections, concerns and proposed amendments should also be sent to, with a copy to us at

You are also invited to do so via Ndlambe’s Facebook page:


working for you


  1. I don’t know if this is the correct forum to raise this, but is it proper yo have the municipal rubbish skips in the middle of town. It seems both unsightly and unhealthy. Can’t they be moved to behind the business sector? Also, can a taxi rank notbe committed somewhere else away from the customer parking in front of Spar?

  2. I support Renette’s comment

  3. Thank you KOSRA for posting this info. Residents, please note that there is a deadline for registration relating to Notice 133/2020 being 60 days from SEPT 4. The deadline is NOV 2nd and today we are now 39 days into the notice period. Please review the SDF DRAFT REPORT- residents can then decide if they are either “Interested or Affected Parties” This report highlights areas of CBD expansion and infill use of currently vacant plots that are in Residential areas in Kenton, in particular Alfred, Beaufort and River Rd. You can find the NOTICE on under General Notices. To read the SDF please also go to the Ndlambe site / Resource Centre / Town Planning Portal / Planning Legislations & Frameworks and choose SDF 2013. It is a long document but for specific Kenton info refer to pages 60-64, including aerial photos showing “ear marked ” areas. This has potential implications for affected/ interested parties who desire to preserve the residential ethos of their neighbourhood and property values. There is an intent of CBD expansion into Residential Zone 1 areas even though there are ample vacant Business Zone plots available. The land use should be harmonious and compatible. Residents are urged to review the document, register and send relevant comment to the emails supplied before the deadline of NOV 2nd, 2020.

  4. I support Renette’s comments and further wish to advise that I have a property adjacent to the Spar proposed development as well as the proposed Sibuya business in Beaufort Road. Major concern is that this is a very narrow roadway and already have our entrance right opposite the Municipality Workshop entrance which is posing very challenging on entrance and exit for residents of Trade Winds Centre. With the proposed businesses, this road (which already is in dire need of repair) is very narrow and with the additional vehicles anticipated to be using, will have a dire effect on all owners of residential homes. Furthermore, the noise level and continual dust pollution will add to the already problems we are facing.
    Due to the very limited pavement space and terrain, folk often use the roadway to walk into the village up Beaufort road which will definitely pose a danger to our pedestrians.

  5. With reference to the question above, registering as an interested and affected party means that your comments become part of a formal process that can make a difference and affect the future of development in Kenton on Sea. Irrespective of whether you take the time to download the Municipal Integrated Framework or the Land Use Scheme registering will formally include you in all of the correspondence.

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