Appeal Dismissed!

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Blog, Building and Town Planning | 4 comments

Ndlambe Municipal Planning Tribunal approve subdivision and consolidation at the corner of R72 and Kariega Road.

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  1. And so it should be – !
    Very happy with Ndlambe Town Planning’s decision – as I am confident of work opportunities as well as the dangerous cross roads to be addressed

  2. This is the most appalling decision by Ndlambe. Is there a higher authority to which an appeal might be made? What are KOSRA’s comments or thoughts or way forward?

  3. Well done to all involved at KOSRA for trying to preserve the “best kept secret” status of our beautiful Kenton on Sea! It’s called progress by some…?

    Would it be improper to suggest we keep an eye on the future shareholding, management and Board of the new entity to see if any of the signatories/decision-makers of this ruling pop up as beneficiaries of this decision?

  4. It’s no different from the name changes debacle – they do what the like and they call this country a democratic society. Perhaps they need to check the definition.

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