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As promised please find plans and 3D aerial view of the garage entrance.


  1. Thank you for the photo’s. Should the developer not be responsible for adding an additional lane to the Kariega Rd exit to the R72? As it stands, during December on most mornings, vehicles queue down Kariega Rd to the primary school trying to exit Kenton. I can only imagine the additional chaos trucks and vehicles trying to exit the garage and shopping centre onto Kariega rd will now cause.
    If the attitude of the local Ward is anything to go by, the centre and new liquor outlet is going to be of huge benefit to Ekuphumleni residents who will now not have to walk into town for much of their purchasing needs. What precautions are being taken to ensure pedestrian safety when crossing the R72?

  2. How many (expensive and tragic) accidents or injuries or deaths will it take before traffic lights are installed at both exits from this site? Please can a response to this question to the Ndlambe Municipality be published? Even without this new development, this ought to have been done long ago.

  3. This is going to cause utter Chaos at the Kenton exit during the Xmas holidays. It has always been chaos there already over the years, particularly during the period from just before Xmas till after New Year. Now imagine all the extra cars / trucks travelling West to East that are going stop there for fuel / eats and then try to get out of Kenton at the stop sign and turn right towards Port Alfred. Surely the developers of the new garage should be forced to put in a proper traffic circle on the main road to at least allow some semblance of free flow of the holiday traffic. I feel for the people who live in Merry Hills or those that like to shop for certain goods in PA that they cant get in Kenton.

  4. All cars including big trucks, no matter from which side they entered, must exit the center onto Kariega Road, where they join all the cars wanting to leave Kenton. They all end up trying to enter or cross the R72. No plans for a traffic light on Kariega Road or at the R72, not even for any traffic circle can be found. It is a disaster in the making.
    How far has Kenton Ratepayers been able to solve this problem?

    • KOSRA have been VERY involved with this. Sadly KOSRA can not work magic or work against the powers that be in NDLAMBE. The project sadly has been approved as depicted

    • Very very stupid idea. I resided in Kenton for 18 years an this idea came up a few times during my time in K-o-S. I’ve always said that this is not a good idea. Prominent people like R Heunis had a try and failed. How much the Wilmots got involved ….. I didn’t bother anymore. Probably a few more but, like I said,I lost all interest. After all the anc got full control and they have absolutely no clue (anc) of environmental studies or impact studies. How it impacts their pockets – that is all that counts. Good luck Kenton. It will probably take a number of fatal accidents. Let’s just hope that the crooked ones die first.

  5. I notice that the little “lighthouse” building at the East side entrance to Kenton is not included in these drawings – was that just oversight or do the developers intend to raze it to the ground??? this must not happen.
    And also is the big Coral tree ring-fenced and safe from being cut down????? Advertising boards on the corner of the new development should be relocated to the west side of this section of the building on the corner – drivers on the R72 should not be distracted by these boards. the eradication of the coral tree is tied to this latter comment also.

  6. why is there no traffic circle on the National road – this will just be a death trap

    • KOSRA did request this with developer. Sadly it was not implemented

  7. I am concerned that no attention has been paid to the intersection of Kariega rd with the R72. It is already a dangerous crossing and the scene of several accidents. Hopefully the speed limit will be reduced to 60km/hour if there is no traffic calming measures put in place.

  8. How have Sanral and Ndlambe not factored the safety of pedestrian traffic crossing the R72 to come into Kenton? The intersection based on the architectural drawings will create more problems than it attempts to solve and will be inherently more dangerous than ever

  9. The intersection with the R72 has not been improved to allow for the additional vehicles that will be exiting from the garage so the congestion to exit Kenton will be worse.

    No pedestrian bridges or underpass have been provided so all the extra pedestrians crossing the R72 to access the shops will be endangered.

    • KOSRA have raised all these issues amongst others. Sadly no traffic circle etc have been implemented by the development

  10. Is there any intention to install a set of traffic lights and rumble strips at the intersection/entrance to Kenton? Pedestrians from Ekhuphumleni need to be considered.
    I’ve only just arrived back in the area so am unaware of any discussions regarding this, that may already have taken/are taking place.

    • KOSRA did request a traffic circle. Sadly not implemented by developer

  11. Surely there must be regulation as to how many parking bays are required, because as per the drawing these will not be enough – never mind what about delivery vans? The shops dont seem to have a receiving area?

  12. Is there going to be a circle on the main road at the main entrance to Kenton. The intersection is impossible. Cars cannot get across from Kenton side onto main road.

    • KOSRA requested a traffic circle. Unfortunately it was not implemented

  13. The biggest concern is that there is no TRAFFIC CIRCLE at the R72 intersection. A traffic circle is very necessary at this dangerous intersection

    • KOSRA did attempt to ensure a traffic circle. Unfortunately it was not implemented

      • Oh no! The traffic was a mare before hand. Now it’s going to be disastrous. More accidents and irritable drivers

  14. It will be a great addition to have an additional petrol station in the area. So long as something is done about the intersection on the national road. This will push more traffic coming from Port Alfred side into that intersection where the queue during the season is well past Robbies Bottle Store! Has someone thought of that????

  15. Unfortunately not

  16. The whole thing is a mess that will have to be sorted out at a later date when the death toll starts rising. The matter of a large traffic circleS at the Kenton and Bushman’s intersections with the R72 i.e. similar to Plettenberg Bay, was discussed with all parties at a meeting at Mpekweni in 2006. Sanral, CSIR, Ndlambe Municipal, Cicadu District and provincial officials, ratepayer associations from Port Alfred, Kenton and Bushman’s, Mercedes Benz, Mediterranean Shipping Company etc etc were all in attendance. THE CONCLUSION WAS IT WOULD BE TOO EXPENSIVE. Possibly the first thing that will be done is a pedestrian bridge will be constructed once the first body is scraped off the tar.

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