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KOSRA has been notified by the Ndlambe Town Planning Department of an application to consolidate two vacant plots on the northern side of Beaufort Street, abutting on the Spar property.

The application is also to rezone the properties from Residential 1 to Business 2. Sibuya wishes to relocate its reception from Eastbourne Road to this property, and to include some guest rooms, offices, and a small coffee shop/restaurant.
The planned buildings, which we have seen, are tasteful and could well form a buffer against any noise emanating from the Spar property.

As the properties along the northern side of Beaufort Street are earmarked for future expansion of Kenton’s CBD in the Spatial Development Framework, KOSRA, after consideration, decided that it should not oppose the application, but should require that the buildings be adjusted in order to comply with the lateral building lines abutting on the currently residential properties on either side.

If anyone wishes to object to any of these applications, we can furnish you with a copy of the application document. You should then address your objection, with reasons, to Ntombolo Ngxwagashula at

Kind regards,


  1. For additional clarity there are two double storey buildings – including 8 self-catering units and parking provision for 30 vehicles.

  2. We feel very stongly about this proposal
    There are other more suitable business sites to use
    Just because there are two vacant erven does not give the owner a right to impact upon a peaceful quiet area on a narrow curved road
    The reason Kosra has decided to not oppose this has no value whatsoever Spar only causes minor cause during the day which s negligible What about the delivery trucks Taxis delivering staff Extra parking for vehicles extra noise pollution extra air pollution from a restuarant extra water use when we already under supplied a lot of the time Who made this decision on our behalf without consulting those wh live nearby This is unacceptable

    • This is nonsense we need to bring the tourists in & Sibuya is the perfect attraction & would help enormously For people to find them rather than being hidden away in Eastbourne Rd
      Please let us all help bring these businesses that have had such a hard time bring business back into town

      • Please make such comments after considering that this is nonsense We are sure as one committee member admitted that he would also object if such a proposal were to be requested in a similar situation
        If in any doubt please visit this area and street
        There are suitable business sites for development
        NOT again hidden away, this time in a narrow side street
        Why not have a proud visible shop front ? Why hide?
        We are all for aesthetically pleasing business buildings and amenities and growth for a burgeoning population
        BUT not at all costs
        We repeat There are other options to conduct businesses

      • Mandy – I don’t know where you live ? Sibuya basically want to locate a base camp lodging, restaurant, shop, office and parking for 30 cars in Beaufort St. Look at the proposal in order to see the scale of the project. How can this not have considerable impact on a street that is zoned in terms of the land Use Scheme as Residential. Would you like this development opposite your house ? There are plenty of other locations in KOS that could afford Sibuya the opportunity to enhance and grow their business adding sustainability to the region.Their operation in Eastbourne has caused disruption for the residents to date. We are objecting to the Business aspect involving rezoning.

  3. another comment Who decides which are “tasteful ” buildings or not
    You say it could “well form a buffer ” What proof have you to make this observation at this stage ?
    Large buildings could just as easily cut off light to adjacent properties and the smell of cooking could cause allergies to residents
    Kosra cannot take a decision as serious as this without due consideration of industrial creep
    There is a thin line here There are more suitable solutions This Kosra committee we are sure would not wish to go down in Kentons History as those that allowed undesirable developments for the sake of business which would do better elsewhere
    Why would anyone want to conduct their business in a back street ? Surely one wants visibility ?If this opened onto the carpark above it would be considered

    • I believe that there are enough commercial sites to consider than rather building in a quite side street in a residential area.
      you moving the problem from one area to another and not solving the problem.

  4. Easy solution CW Fox to be asked to withdraw the application
    It will solve all the problems

  5. Before comments are made it would be better to familiarize oneself with the whole story
    The Application is for two double story buildings with accommodation a restuarant a shop and parking for 30 vehicles which would cater for transport vehicles delivery trucks staff transport apart from private vehicles Noise and cooking pollution Added water consumption when there are already problems
    Beaufort st is hidden away around a corner in a narrow curved potholed street in a residential where there are many homes permanently occupied on the other side
    There are other suitable designated business sites which can be built upon such as River Rd
    There are eateries and many accommodation options which can be used
    No one is against increased tourism or business but in the right area
    where businesses are easily located NOT in a residential area hidden around a corner and repeat NOT impacting daily on residences in such close proximity
    There are other options and where no one would object

  6. We would appreciate comments being made after thoroughly reading the application for rezoning to business 2 in close proximity and on a narrow curved road across from permanent residents
    The rezoning will include a restuarant shop accommodation and parking for 30 vehicles of all sizes situated in two buildings to be built together
    If anyone would like a copy please ask We hope that the applicant will decide to move to a designated business area instead of using this outdated SDP to apply for rezoning

  7. Please note that the Spatial Development Framework can not confer or take away Land Use Rights. The SDF 2013 according to legislation is meant to be reviewed every 5 years according to Ndlambe. This was not done. All of the properties in Beaufort St are currently Zoned as Residential Land Use including the Quarter Deck which was granted a temporary departure to operate a Guest House. The small Sibuya operation in Eastbourne already causes nuisance for the neighbours. Can you imagine the IMPACT of this much larger proposal on the residents of Beaufort St. We are the edge of the ” Village” in KOS and strongly object to the Business rights aspect of this application. Many more factors to consider here…. It is noted that many residents in Beaufort St have still not received the Sibuya proposal directly from Ndlambe even though they were provided with a current list of email contacts. Interestingly, residents in Park Rd and Park Close have received form Ndlambe direct. The comment that the development ” Could well form a buffer against the noise from Spar” is questionable – the noise factor from the Sibuya operation is merely an overlay to be added to the mix. There are plenty of other locations in KOS that would be suitable for this development that could afford Sibuya the opportunity to enhance and grow their business adding sustainability to the region.

  8. I support the objectors to this encroachment on our residential area. I do not live in Beaufort St., but would like to make the following points:
    1) The increasing traffic of trucks, delivery vehicles and construction equipment etc., who use the small residential roads as a through road, are destroying the peaceful life of the residential areas of Kenton. These roads are not built for heavy traffic.
    2) Ensuring that the buildings are all ‘tasteful’ does not change the fact. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – it still remains a pig!
    3) One has no control over what happens when the current businesses move or do not survive – the next tenants might well be more staff/traffic/noise-intensive businesses? this is the thin edge of the wedge, and I support the current owners in their fight to prevent this greed-driven. It is very disappointing to note that KOSRA have chosen to take a very narrow view of this application. Is it a political decision?

  9. just a suggestion, why not relocate to the open stands opposite Hi Tech or the road behind the Butchery, that would make more sense for business rights.

  10. For a start, can we please be given detailed architectural plans of the layout and proposed buildings, as it is impossible to have an informed opinion without such details…?

    However, I have a real problem in principle with such rezoning, as it will be the genesis of industrial creep referred to by Hilary, and will almost definitely unfairly compromise house values in the area.

  11. For a start, can we please be given detailed architectural plans of the layout and proposed buildings, as it is impossible to have an informed opinion without such details…?

    However, I have a real problem in principle with such rezoning, as it will be the genesis of industrial creep referred to by Hilary, and will almost definitely unfairly compromise house values in the area.

  12. Dear Hilary,

    Your concerns are noted but in most aspects are respectfully unfounded.
    Should you and any other home owners in the vicinity wish for us to come and answer questions we would be very happy to do so at any time that suits.
    Please advise if you would like to follow this route and when and where you would like to meet
    best regards
    Nick and Carol Fox
    Sibuya Game Reserve


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