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At last, in response to numerous communications by KOSRA to various officials at SANRAL, Africoast Consulting Engineers (based in East London) has been appointed by SANRAL to carry out a road safety investigation of the R72, including the section through Kenton-on-Sea.

Under normal circumstances they would make contact with local interest groups and institutions such as SAPS and make appointments to meet, when doing their site visits, to discuss issues and get input from local perspectives.

However, under the lockdown, this may need to be postponed till later in the year but the draft report on the road safety appraisal still needs to be submitted in terms of a previously agreed time line.

Africoast has been provided, by the SAPS, with accident statistics for the route from km 0 to km 49.  The Kareiga River Bridge is at km 46 and the Boesmans River Bridge is at km 48.  The main entrance to Kenton on Sea is at about km 47.  The statistics received covers 2015 to 2019.

In this section of Kenton, the following 6 accidents were noted:

km 46.2 1 04/Jan/2018 Single vehicle overturned
46.8 2 24/July/2019 Head/Rear End
47.2 2 25/Oct/2017 Head/Rear End
47.8 2 22/Dec/2016 Head/Rear End
49 2 10/May/2016 Turn right in face of oncoming traffic
49 1 12/Dec/2017 Single vehicle overturned


  • We have been asked by Africoast to let them know of any accidents during this time.
  • If you witnessed or were in involved in, or are aware of any accidents in the last 3 years please let us know.
  • Date – Kilometers – Injuries – Fatalities – Description – Photo if you have one.

Send your information to and

Thank you



  1. Surprised at the low number of accident report they received from the SAPS.

    We also need to supply some photo’s if possible of the traffic back-ups on the main road leaving Kenton and also on the Grahms-town road.
    Are there any records for when the traffic officers (Local, Provincial or National ) have performed point duty over the last three years.
    An ideal would be drone overhead photo from christmas time – when traffic is backed up to below the school.
    Kind regards

    • The request for a roundabout/traffic lights at the crossroads goes right back to the time at Jan Smit was the Mayor and there were a number of fatalities at the crossroads.
      He wrote many letters and badgered politicians to do something to improve the situation.
      Of course nothing happened. I believe there is an absolute sight distance that is required in our situation and whatever that is we do not comply. ie any further additions affecting the safety at that spot will be catastrophic.

  2. I have no personal experience of an accident, but still think that the garage is a bad idea at what is already a dangerous intersection (accidents or not).
    Also can’t see the need for this garage between Port Alfred and Alexandria.
    The one benefit would be employment opportunities for local people.
    Does it HAVE to be at the entrance intersection?
    J Denise Murray

  3. From the records above it appears that only two accidents have occurred in the stretch of road 200m on each side of the crossroads, and these were head/rear end collisions. This type of collision is normally due to lack of concentration associated with not watching the vehicle in front of you, or using your mobile phone when driving. I support the proposed filling station on condition that proper traffic control measures are put in place ie. traffic circles / traffic lights / speed humps / stop signs.

  4. They are planning a Petrol Station at the Red Apple, which would hugely benefit the kenton entrance if a petrol station was erected at the red apple rather than the kenton entrance.

  5. The safety of pedestrians crossing from Ekuphumleni to Kenton and back needs to be taken into account.

  6. I suggest you also try and obtain accident reports on the other roads at or near the intersection ie: Salem and Kariega roads. Hope to that they are not doing a traffic survey during the “Lockdown”. It would be more distorted than the last one.

  7. I have noted a few accidents there over the past few years.
    I find it a very stressful intersection, just waiting for an accident to happen, especially to Pedestrians, who cross this road in huge numbers at this point. I am sure that a filling station at this intersection would be disastrous for vehicle and pedestrian traffic

  8. Kenton has only one exit and entrance which makes it vulnerable when the road is closed or in an emergency. While I know of pedestrian fatalities and several accidents there, I cannot give dates.This crossing needs urgent upgrading to improve the flow of traffic and cannot wait until the road is reconstructed. The flow of traffic at peak hours is very hazardous while during the season it is backed up nearly I km. This is a welcome move which I hope will lead to improving a situation the R72 has caused disadvantaging this village.

  9. Seen from a Bushman’s holiday resident’s point of view, the less activity at that intersection the better. Turning lanes could improve the position, but a garage with its lights and signage would be a further distraction, and impact safety.
    The Red Apple locality has merit.

  10. The red apple intersection is just as bad as Kenton from the point of view of site distance. The Marselle intersection is better.

    The intersection to Ekhupumeleni on the Grahamstown road is also too close to the R72 and needs to be moved back before the volume there increases and cause more confusion. It’s position is way below what all standards require.

    I believe the proposed development at the Kenton intersection will aggravate an already poor situation and both traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle volumes also need to be considered.

    The overall sight distances in the area are limited and I believe a roundabout will aggravate the situation although if speeds are reduced to 60kph then it could work. But this would just turn another through road into a local street and reduce mobility along the R72.

    For me the best would be to resist the development and try to arrange for Sanral to build a pedestrian bridge over the R72 as part of their contribution towards improving lives of communities along the route.

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