Update on the Sand Dune Debate!

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KOSRA has the long-term interest of Kenton-on-Sea at heart.

Click here to read KOSRA’s latest communication to KSDNA regarding the ‘Kenton Sand Dune’.


  1. Thank you KOSRA Committee for continuing to oppose the deranged threat to desecrate the Bushmans Estuary and for continuing to pursue what is right for the environment and the all the people of Kenton as well as the preservation of Kenton’s precious water resources.

  2. Well done to you and your dedicated committee, as concerned rate payers we have the ineptitude of the authorities to deal with . Surely, in the interest of preserving this special place individuals such as Mr. Rose should be more engaging without steam rolling his ill conceived plan through our wanting authorities.

  3. Reading the letter written by Mr. van Huyssteen, it appears that one knows what to expect from Mr. Rose. However, I am ashamed of Rushmere Noach. Please be alert when dealing with a snake in the grass. Keep up the good work KOSRA

  4. Re Headland and Dry Bone Valley

    Access to Middle Beach was originally through Dry Bone Valley in the 50’s. My father Stan, an ardent ski boat fisherman, asked Mr Pudney if a road could be built to Middle Beach so boats could be launched there. Pudney paid Stan 100 Pounds to build the road.

    At some stage the municipality of the day decided to build a car park and ablution block on the west side of the valley and rows of vegetation were planted across so sand could not envelope the structures. Big mistake! The sand that migrated through the valley to Middle Beach was trapped. Sand built up to such an extent that even the second channel of the Bushmans river which ran along Westbourne road past the Wilmot’s house to virtually where the big sand dune is today then turned to the river mouth silted up completely and now is a couple of meters high with sand. I remember Stan having a meeting with a prof from CSIR from Cape Town on his farm, Eve’s Retreat. I did not attend, but I overheard the prof say that the sea currents (and therefore sand) drifted from West to East, and therefore could not bypass the headland and the predominately West wind blew it through Dry Bone Valley to Middle Beach. He actually said it was a sand duct! Stan died in 1995 so this happened a few years before.

    Nothing ever happened to this day to solve the problem. The same headland scenario can be seen just up the coast, namely Kwaaihoek and Diaz Cross, where a similar dune system goes around the back.

    The sand has been drifting through the valley for hundreds of years and will keep on wanting to go this route for eternity. In other words don’t mess with nature. The sand has to go through and can only go through. As far as I can remember the sand dunes never came close to where the houses are and occupied +- 30 – 40mts from the headland.

    Someone has already started to establish some type of grass to consolidate the sand which was naturally starting to move down the valley quite nicely.

    My belief is that the natural movement of the sand from West to East would not effect the houses at all. If Dry Bone Valley could be opened again the sand (ie big dune) will hopefully eventually drift to the East namely Middle Beach.

    The dune system between Middle Beach and Kariega Mouth also seems to have shrunk due to lack of sand.


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