Drought relief levy

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Blog

Drought relief levy letter to Ndlambe.

We are receiving numerous complaints from ratepayers with regard to the drought relief levy that continues to appear on the monthly rates accounts of owners. Click here to read the letter that was sent to Ndlambe.

Reply from Ndlambe:

Good Afternoon Mr Huyssteen

I hereby acknowledge receipt of KOSRA communication on Drought tariff, the same issue was raised by PARRA, we have been in contact with the parties relevant to this matter for instance, the change to a drought tariff was informed by a decision to declare Ndlambe as part of the drought area. A change in the water levels does not give us authority to revert to the normal tariff without following a due process. We have contacted the relevant party and we are waiting for a response from them, we will do a follow up so that we can provide the required response.

M Klaas


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