Survey results: Legal action against Ndlambe municipality

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Blog, Comms with Ndlambe | 5 comments

Analyses of the responses to the recent survey sent out regarding Ndlambe Services

Total number of respondents: 256

  • Respondents believe that they are not getting value for the rates and taxes that they pay. 98% 98%
  • Approve of KOSRA instituting legal action against Ndlambe. 91% 91%
  • Respondents have indicated that they are prepared to contribute toward funding legal expenses estimated at R2.5million. 77% 77%
  • Respondents have posted additional comments. 89% 89%

It is safe to say that an overwhelming majority of residents are not happy with the services provided by Ndlambe. 

Although most residents are in favour of litigation and a surprising number of respondents have indicated that they would contribute towards funding litigation, there is no indication of the actual amount of money they are prepared to contribute.

Many respondents are pessimistic about the outcome of litigation.


  1. I will contribute to a legal defense but there is no way I can make it R12000. I was defrauded of R5.5m in a conveyancing fraud and I am involved in a massive court case. I will be able to contribute a maximum of R5000

  2. Thank you for your update and for all the work you do on our behalf. I did not specify how much I would offer in the way of financial contribution for the legal action because there is no indication of what such a challenge would cost. As a pensioner I have to be careful about that sort of commitment. What is the cost of this legal case likely to be?

    • We have no idea where the rates we pay plus all the loaded extra bits are going
      Managing our own affairs would be preferable

  3. Kenton would not manage without Kosra Nlambe seem to do nothing with upgrading anything in Kenton

  4. can we revisit the case when residents of a Municipality
    investigated withholding part or whole of rates because of no service or minimal service.

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