Aliens invade Kenton

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Invasive alien plant species are besieging our beautiful nature reserves, green spaces and gardens in and around Kenton.

In doing so they sap our water supplies, transform our landscape, increase the fire risk, injure our game and livestock and even threaten some indigenous plant species with extinction.

In order to try to assist in fighting the war with the aliens, KOSRA has contracted Busy Bee Garden Services to make a start on the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve.

The list of invasive species is quite overwhelming so we’re concentrating our efforts on some Category 1 & 2 species we know to be found in this area, which are:


Cestrum laevigatum

Introduced from South America as an ornamental shrub. It is infesting the coastal bush. The unripe berries and young shoots are very poisonous.

Caster oil plant

Ricinus communis

Probably originated from elsewhere in Africa. Its three-lobed seeds are extremely toxic to humans and animals.


Cuscuta campestris

A native of North America, Dodder are parasitic on a wide range of plants. They drain the nutrients from their host plants often killing them.

Madeira vine

Anredera cordifolia

Originating in South America, it was once cultivated in gardens. It creeps and crawls along the ground and suffocates anything in its path!

Common lantana

Lantana camara

Considered to be one of the world’s 10 worst weeds. A serious invader in South Africa. It becomes impenetrable and replaces indigenous plants. It can be toxic to cattle.

It’s going to take more than just one woman up against this serious invasion. We need YOU to do your bit too. Make sure that you’re not harbouring these baddies in your back yard. We urge you to get your garden service to professionally remove them from your properties if you find them. And please report them to KOSRA if you spot them on public or vacant land.
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  1. I am so pleased that you’re making a start on this huge problem!
    Many thanks

  2. Yay to all this eradication. Well done, and we at Kenton Garden Club will talk it continuously!

  3. Hello Kosra,
    Thanks for the regular, informative news letters. Being absent much of the time they are a reminder to get back to Kenton!
    The Maderia vine is a particular problem in Smith Street on the vacant plot at 16. I am at 18 and have seen how it is now appearing on my property where I am frequently removing it. This wasn’t the case until about 3 years ago and I forsee this particular invader spreading fast to other properties close by due to its uncontrolled proliferation on the unattended property.
    Who can assist to deal with this and/or notify the owners of the problem?

    • Noted. We have forwarded for assistance!

  4. Well done guys!
    Another great initiative.
    I think we should also add the Syringa to our list of “baddies”
    Many thanks

  5. For the hacking party, perhaps employ some of the local people who need an income, train them, lend them the tools and put them to work.

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