Who let the dogs out

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Blog, Wildlife

A short while ago a bushbuck ram was attacked by two dogs in the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve running along Coniston Road. The dogs were described as a pair of beagles. Residents gave chase but neither the dogs nor the owner were apprehended. The owner of these dogs has broken the law and caused harm to our precious wildlife.

Over the last few weeks Wildlife Watch has spotted another two adult dogs coming from, and running along, the edge of the reserve at night. Both these dogs, a knee-high tan crossbreed and a white fluffy dog with a black patch on its head, ran across the R72 and disappeared.

The consequences of dogs running riot in our nature reserves can be dire.

On Friday morning, 5 July, Wildlife Watch went through a part of the reserve where blue duiker live in order to try to find any traces of the dogs or their owner. Sadly, evidence of the previous night’s hunt was found: the tiny, torn-off hind leg of a blue duiker.

This is a plea to all residents to please keep your dogs out of the reserve. If you spot any dogs you think may fit these descriptions, please photograph them and WhatsApp the photos to Wildlife Watch on 066 227 5670.

And please remember if you are walking your dog in a public space they must be on a lead.



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