Another Technical Water Meeting

by | May 20, 2019 | Blog, Chamber of Business, Water

Another meeting – another three hours – but that’s not to say three hours down the drain. There are some positive drops in this ocean!

The fact that Amatola, Ndlambe, KOSRA and the Chamber of Business are all represented and working together is a major achievement.

As well as exploring technical challenges and debating economic solutions to overcome these problems, the group debates practical ways that everyone can contribute to the prevention of another festive season water crisis.

In the water section of the excellently researched CSIR publication “Guidelines for the Provision of Engineering Services and Amenities in Residential Township Development” it says:

  • An average household consumes approximately 1 000 litres of water per day.
  • This includes limited garden watering.
  • Larger houses can use up to 1 200 or even 1 500 litres of water per day.

SO, if you make sure that you have 20 000 litres (that’s 20 days) of water stored at the beginning of a holiday season AND you’re mindful of water usage – EVERY household should be able to get through the season without using ANY municipal water.



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