KOSRA Community notice – no water on Wednesday!

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Amatola Water would like to advise Ward 3 and 4 about the total shutdown of Albany Coast Reverse Osmosis Plant on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. There will be a total shutdown of the plant and there will be no production at all. AW will be attending to the number of things that will assist to maximize the plant production. However this does not encourage people to store water unnecessarily in the houses but to caution people to use water wisely.

Below are the issues that will be attended:-

  • The replacement of corroded panels of 1 Megalitre raw water tank.
  • The connection of 1 Megalitre scour outlet to the waste water pipeline.
  • Replacement of the existing scour valve of 1 Megalitre raw water tank.
  • Inspection of the condition of the glass media in the filters.
  • Attend to collapsed outlet pipes supplying the reverse osmosis trains from the buffer tanks.
  • Reconnection of the two buffer tanks which were out of commission.
  • Re-routing the pipeline supplying the buffer tanks from the MMF system.

NB: these are few assignments for the day amongst many others that need urgent attention.

We humbly request that all residents to be patient whilst we are servicing the plant and attending to various plant challenges. We also request that people use water sparingly. The Province is still experiencing drought therefore it needs people to work together in preserving each and every drop.

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