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Dear Kenton Ratepayers & Residents

As you have probably seen from previous KOSRA news blogs and Facebook posts, the water supply situation is vastly improved. Our main reservoirs are virtually 100% full most of the time now. This compares with the reservoirs being just over 20% full in mid-March this year.

We have had a reliable water supply for quite a while now, with the exception of a few scheduled shut-downs for repairs. However, this is the quiet season and we know that demand will increase dramatically when Kenton has its welcomed influx of holiday makers in December and January.

So let’s start with the premise that our water supply is precarious – then we can plan appropriately.
  • We do not have large storage reservoirs
  • If the reverse osmosis plant doesn’t work then we have no water.
The technical committee are looking at ways of increasing the municipal water supply. But this will take some time, so in preparation for the festive season, make sure you have:
  • At least 20,000 litres of stored water on or before 16 December
  • The ability to use this water to flush your loos should the municipal supply be cut off.

It seems to be quite illogical to have full tanks of water and yet have to use buckets of water to flush the toilets? This is an especially inappropriate activity for holiday rentals, guest houses and B&Bs, when guests are paying to stay in luxury accommodation.

We would strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, you ask your plumber to fit a switch so you can use tank water in your loos in emergency situations. Do it now before the holiday season is upon us!

Both, Dr Peter Williams of Perfect Water in town (060 905 9640) and Danny Kelly of R&M Builders (071 598 2787) are willing to offer advice.

This would be another step in the right direction to avoid the crisis that we had last Christmas.



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