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This newsletter follows the newsletter of September 2021. It combines October and November in one newsletter.


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With effect from 3 November 2021, KOSRA will have commenced with the monitoring of the security cameras.  To date approximately 25 people have volunteered to serve as monitors.  Initially the volunteers will receive training and start to acquaint themselves with the process of monitoring during day-time hours, leaving the night-time monitoring to be continued by Hi-Tec as has been the case.  It is anticipated that the role of Hi-Tec providing monitoring during night-time will be phased out over time.  The aim is to build up the system and the number of volunteers so as to reach a point where there is 24/7 monitoring by volunteers in place.  We are hopeful that the improved monitoring will contribute substantially to reduction in crime.  It is an unfortunate fact that petty crime continues to take place. It should be noted that the monitors are bound by a secrecy undertaking.

We will report to residents as the process unfolds.


Despite great optimism, the implementation of improvements to the functioning of the Bushman’s RO Plant have not yet been achieved. Despite promises from Amatola Water to have undertaken substantial improvements during the month of October, it seems that very few, if any improvements at all have been attended to. KOSRA is a member of the Service Delivery Support Group (“SDSG”) and frequently we receive reports that Amatola Water are blocking even the most basic and obvious attempts to improve water supply and quality with minimum of expenditure. It is baffling to understand why they are so oppositional. There is every risk that the inadequacy of a reliable water supply will become the subject matter of litigation.

Ratepayers are strongly advised to take whatever steps they reasonably can to maximise their independence from a water supply point of view by installing additional rainwater tanks.

The Sand Dune

The Kenton Sand Dune Association (“KSDNA”) have been endeavouring to achieve the implementation of their version of a solution during this year. It seems that this will not take place. KOSRA, with the assistance of Estuary Care, are engaging with Ndlambe’s Environmental Consultant, Warren Lange, with a view to achieving a satisfactory outcome which needs to include the substantial removal of sand from the end of Westbourne Road.


Following a successful meeting with the Municipal Manager, there has been limited improvements to various critical roads needing potholes filled, and ratepayers will be aware of the resurfacing of the main shopping area carpark.

R72 / R343 Development

R72 / R343 intersection
Following a request made to the Municipal Manager, Ndlambe facilitated an online meeting with SANRAL and the developer of the intended shopping centre and service station complex at the entrance of Kenton on Sea. The developer indicated that they are not prepared to effect any additional improvements or alterations to the intersection other than what has been specified by SANRAL to date. KOSRA is of the opinion that the improvements to the intersection are not adequate. Correspondence has been addressed to SANRAL as requested during the meeting, setting out a list of additional safety measures that KOSRA believes should be implemented which will improve both the safety aspect and the ease of use of the intersection once the development has taken place. As is often the case, the correspondence has not been answered by SANRAL and a reminder has been sent. It is understood that the development will commence during 2022.

KOSRA has objected to the application for consent use and related removal of restrictive conditions that was lodged on behalf of Pizzarella. KOSRA opposes any unlawful use and any encroachment on the environment which is not authorised. KOSRA furthermore opposes the granting of any liquor licence in respect of a residential property.

Waste and Recycling

There is a little more positive news from Waste and Recycling this month.

KOSRA has participated in discussions with Chamber of Commerce and Bushman’s Recycling that has resulted in an improved off-take arrangement for Bushmans Recycling (BR). Accolades must go to Tyrone Bruce of Chamber who connected BR with a Waste Recycler in Gqeberha. This has resulted in an opportunity for BR to deliver smaller but more regular loads which will improve their cash flow.

The residents and businesses of Kenton on Sea are strongly encouraged to support the recycling initiative. It is the early stages in the Waste and Recycling recovery program and the success of this project depends largely on sufficient volumes. Your waste cardboard, white paper and glass are important commodities for the Recycling Industry. With very little effort for all of us much can be achieved by Bushman’s Recycling.

We are in negotiations to resurrect the domestic collection of sorted recyclable waste in “clear” bags. This comes with significant challenges, money being one of them. Keeping the collections regular and reliable requires a serviceable vehicle and reliable driver. These costs alone account for most of BR’s running costs. The recent significant rise in fuel costs has not helped matters either. If you are able to assist us in any way please feel free to contact Steve Barwick.

We are hoping to initiate the collection pilot project over the “high season” and would appreciate your co-operation with the initiative. More communication on this project will follow.

In the meantime please endeavour to recycle and either deliver your recyclable waste to Bushman’s Recycling residing in the Bushman’s Industrial area, or deposit your sorted recyclables at the Waste Skips situated at the Municipal Offices. Bushmans Recycling monitor the skips regularly.


In many respects, KOSRA and Ndlambe have shared interests in respect of Kenton on Sea. Significant progress has been made in building relationships with various key officials at Ndlambe. We have now reached the point where in most instances, the Municipal Manager and the respective directors are receptive and amenable to constructive discussions aimed at finding mutually acceptable solutions for various service delivery issues in Kenton on Sea. This has been particularly evident with regard to the water supply issues where KOSRA and Ndlambe speak with the same voice against Amatola; in the willingness of Ndlambe to undertake certain improvements to the roads needing repairs in Kenton, even if this has been limited to date; in the willingness of town planning officials to interact with KOSRA members on town planning aspects when needed and in respect of waste and recycling. On the occasion where an issue has arisen with regard to sewerage, a telephone call to the relevant director has been found to be effective. KOSRA is of the opinion that the objective of building good relationships with Ndlambe on aspects of common interest is essential to the long term achievement of the mutual goals of both KOSRA and Ndlambe.


The Annual General Meeting of KOSRA will take place at the Kenton Tennis Club on Monday 20 December 2021 at 17H00.



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