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by | Apr 11, 2023 | Blog, Newsletters

For those of you who do not follow 365 regularly, we thought you may be interested in this quick update. This was in response to a request on 365 to start another platform/group.

KOSRA have various platforms from which we communicate to our members and residents
1. Our newsletter and blog posts (sign up here)
2. Facebook page (follow us here)
3. Website
4. Kenton365 on Telegram

All of which are open for discussion. Please also feel free to send any KOSRA related suggestions to info@kentonratepayers.co.za

We have long debated the value of creating yet another platform for general complaints and or comments. It was agreed that adequate platforms already exist for residents to voice their opinion/complaints/suggestions. However, if the community believes there is value in establishing another platform to air views we will take this into consideration.

Here is a quick update on a few of the critical projects KOSRA is involved with. In addition, there are numerous others that remain confidential and can not be debated publically.

In summary:-

1. The rates issue.

KOSRA finally received a response to our letter to Ndlambe. We received this response on the 6 April, (KOSRAs initial letter sent on 20 Jan). It comprised of a 4 page document outlining a response to every issue we raised. We need to go through this and decide on our next plan of action.
We will engage with the community to establish a willingness to potentially raise a legal case against the municipality. Watch this space.

2. Town planning.

Our team is very involved in many town planning objections. These of course can not be publically shared but rest assured we are working to the best interest of Kenton. KOSRA have recently implemented an architects and developers “check list” given to Ndlambe to assist them with the planning and approval process. This was done in conjunction and with the support from all local architectural practices.

3. Waste and Recycling.

This topic has been exhausted and every avenue explored in order to reach a viable working solution. We are now awaiting approval on a potential new waste and transfer site. We will keep you updated when we can

4. General town maintenance and security.

A large amount of our budget has gone towards clearing tow paths, cutting back overgrown areas and maintaining town. Litter and garbage is regularly collected along the R72 and around town. You may have noticed there are no hawkers/beggars in town. Our security initiative appears to be working too.

5. Roads

KOSRA have submitted a proposed plan and budget to Ndlambe for the upkeep and Maintenace of the roads.  We await their response.

KOSRA is made up of a team of skilled working professionals. Their time and expertise is voluntary. Kenton is fortunate to have such a dedicated team working closely with the local municipality looking after the interests of our town.


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