Recycling in Kenton and surrounding area

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Blog, Recycling & Waste

In order to make recycling feasible, we need everyone in the greater Kenton area to recycle.

Why recycle?

There are many reasons to recycle, all positive.
The advantages of recycling are:

  • Diverts waste away from landfills, thereby prolonging the lifespan of landfill sites
  • Reduces litter and pollution, especially water pollution
  • Helps decrease greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change
  • Decreases the depletion of our natural resources (timber, water and minerals), thereby conserving them
  • Saves energy
  • Creates sustainable job opportunities and grows the economy (increases economic security)
  • Protects wildlife
  • Recycled materials generally cost less, as products made from these are less expensive.

Some relevant facts

First, garbage and decomposition times. (Some are best-guess estimates as no one has been around for 1 million years to prove that this is the time required for glass bottles to decompose!)

  • Paper towel (2–4 weeks)
  • Orange peel (2–5 weeks)
  • Cotton cloth/rag (1–5 months)
  • Milk carton (3 months)
  • Aluminium can (80–200 years)
  • Plastic bottle (450 years)
  • Glass bottle (1 million years)

Second, in 2019, a one kilometre stretch of road in Jeffrey’s Bay was completed, using recycled plastic (equivalent of 1.8 million plastic bags). This road, built largely from recycled materials, is more flexible and durable, meaning that there will be less wear and tear, resulting in fewer potholes. The recycled materials used to build the road are more user-friendly, and the laying of the road much more effective, saving time and money.

Third, by 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish (according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, in partnership with the World Economic Forum). The report projects that the oceans will contain at least 937 million tons of plastic and 895 million tons of fish by 2050!

And last but not least, recycled plastic wrapping is currently being used as a raw material to make garden furniture and window and door frames in Bathurst, Eastern Cape.

Your recyclables are valuable raw materials for someone’s manufacturing process.


Click here to download the Bushman’s recycling poster


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