Water Checklist

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Blog, Water

If you arrive at your holiday home and find that there is no water please carry out the following checks:

  1. Is there no water at all, or is the pressure merely low?
  2. Check with a neighbour to see if they have a similar problem
    If the answer is yes, then report to the Water Group. If yours appears to be an isolated problem:
  3. Check that the mains tap at your water meter is open. If it is:
  4. Check if there is water from the tap closest to your water meter. If there is:
  5. There is probably an isolation tap closer to the house. Try to find it and check that it is open. If it is:
  6. Check whether your water meter is running. If it is:
  7. Check that all taps are closed in the house, and see if it is still running. If you also draw water from rain tanks, check whether the pump is switched on, and: Check whether the tap on the link between municipal and tank water is open. If so, then the municipal water may be running into your tank – or vice versa – and there is no pressure for municipal water from any other taps. In that event, close the link and make sure the tap on the line leading municipal water to the house is open.

If you still have not solved your problem call your PLUMBER or RENTAL AGENT.

However, should there be a municipal water leak on the street-side of your meter then ‘What’s App or SMS’ the Water Group on 071 043 7612 or 082 900 0816

• Your name,
• Cell number,
• Address of leak
• Short description of problem

NB: To reduce consumption of municipal water while Kenton is full of visitors, use water from your rain water tanks as much as possible.

Please note - water restrictions apply:

Our area has been subject to water restrictions since December 2017.


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