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by | May 12, 2020 | Blog, Water

Hi Kentonites.

You might have heard that Amatola has been put under “Administration”. There is a big spat between Amatola’s CEO Ms Vuyo Zitumane (Ex CEO!) and the Minister of water affairs Lindiwe Sisulu. Ms Vuyo Zitumane has been suspended/fired and I assume a temporary administrator had to be appointed. This is very different from “Business rescue” (or I hope it is!).

So, as they say, let’s park that one and assume that the plant at Bushmans is now operating well and our water supply is secured. So now it is time, at last, to look at what is happening on the Ndlambe side and in Kenton in particular.

This we’ve always known that we have all sorts of skills in Kenton and a very enthusiastic person, Arthur Taute, has become involved, very involved. He is a very senior civil engineer and also a GIS expert. Between the two of us, we have now made an intelligent layout plan of the entire water network in Kenton and surrounding areas. This includes valves and fire hydrants and it is probably about 90% correct. With this, we are beginning to understand the problems that we have all been having with the high pressure and low pressure systems and why, when the overhead tanks are empty but the reservoirs are full why we can’t get water in most of the Town. All this is hot off the press so again, as they say, watch this space!

We are getting good cooperation from the council water people and are now able to expedite the fixing of leaks. Thank you everybody who has reported leaks and other similar problems to me. If you see a leak please email me at admin@kentonratepayers.co.za. Also, if you can, attach a photograph (or whatever you call it these days) and tell me the nearest street number.

One word of warning, despite the increased water supply from the Bushmans plant there will never be enough water for the festive season. Either, we will have to find a way to ration its use or, as I suggested this time last year, make sure that we have enough water stored to carry us through Christmas and New Year.


You may have noticed that your April water account from Ndlambe is based on estimated consumption. A member of NRF (Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum – the federation of Ratepayers Associations in Ndlambe) has queried this. He has been advised that Ndlambe is using the average of our last 6 months’ consumption. Presumably an adjustment wil be made when our meters can finally be read again.



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