Bottles galore

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Blog, Recycling & Waste | 3 comments

Please please take your empty glass bottles to the recycling tip!

Bushmans Recycling Depot is very short of recyclables, especially glass bottles. You don’t need to sort your plastics and cardboard, just load it up and deliver it to the friendly staff at the recycling plant.

We URGENTLY need another 20 tons of glass to fill another load. Please spend a few minutes to take your empty bottles to the depot situated on the left as you go into Bushmans Industrial Area. Please remember NO FOOD waste though.

Perhaps you can ask a friend if you can take their bottles too. And don’t forget to say a cheery hello to Nosipho who looks after the depot. Thank you!




  1. Is there anywhere in Kenton to drop off bottles? There must be a few tons here!

    • No you need to take them to the Bushman’s Industrial Area Recycling Depot.

  2. Good to hear that this is happening.

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