Closure of beaches in Eastern Cape

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Blog | 4 comments

In response to the beach closures, KOSRA sent a letter to the Honourable Minister, President, Premier, Municipal Manager and Mayor:  KOSRA LETTER TO NDZ PRESIDENT AND OTHERS


  1. Thank you
    We agree entirely
    Has the Premier of EC or those that made these decisions really looked at thses beaches ?
    Have the virologists who recommend fresh air been ignored
    Is it preferable to drink alcohol outdoors or in houses preferable to enjoying beaches?

  2. People are more safe outside in the fresh air on the beach, than on shopping malls, queus for licences, grants, UIF or anywhere else. Please reconsider thus decision.banning on high days like 25 and 26 dec and 1 and 2 Jan has some logic but no other time

  3. suggest we comply with the Kwazulu restrictions
    beachclosed 25 26 Dec and 1-3 January
    that way holiday makers can enjoy their long planned holiday with their families

  4. You did not think this through… Close Hotspot on holidays, agree with that, but how can you close beaches but people are flocking to shopping malls… Does not make sense!!!

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