Coastal Kindness: for COVID-19 support & assistance

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We have been asked by the Coastal Kindness group to post the following message on our Website

Coastal Kindness – a group of busy people who are not prepared to sit back and wait for the worst to happen, so we’re going to ‘prepare for the worst but hope for the best’.


  • We plan to help our local medics in any way we can; there are so few of them trying to service a large community. We’ll make it a priority to source funds to enable them to purchase the necessary resources to protect them and help their patients. Remember that could be you!
  • We are going to spread awareness, and are busy producing educational videos in Xhosa Afrikaans and English, on the precautions to take to prevent transmission of COVID-19.
  • By offering ‘home care’ to the vulnerable members of our community and those self-isolating. Our Coastal Kindness ‘home care pack’ will be available shortly with a stack of useful information for those requiring assistance.
  • By offering emotional support to whoever needs it: from one on one counselling, to group meetings, and training workshops for our local SAPS.

We’d like to help as many members of our community as possible from Kenton, Ekuphumleni, Bushmans, Boknes & Cannon Rocks, Marselle & Klipfontein and Alexandria. We’ll work our way along the coast as we get more resources and support.


  • By spreading the word about Coastal Kindness and what we do, so that people will know where the help is.
  • By helping to coordinate efforts in your part of the community to support those in need.

We are gladly accepting financial contributions to assist us to do what we need to do!

Visit our website on where you’ll find our banking details or if you prefer follow us on Facebook @coastalkindness or email

Our mission is to make sure that we all get through this – we are here to help you!



  1. You are all doing a wonderful job thank you

  2. I think Kenton has been outstanding during Covid. Well done to everyone.
    I shall shard this definitely and cintubutr again.
    Wonderful work.

  3. A fantastic project and is especially needed in our area.

  4. My husband and I have recently been affected by Covid and have experienced the most wonderful kindness and care from the community. We will definitely support a community effort to help at this time.

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