Covid-19 Relief Fund

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19 | 18 comments

In this challenging time there are many ways to keep busy and sane during our lockdown lives. We all have different ways of coping:

  • Some garden
  • Some do quizzes
  • Some snack too much

But what if you don’t have a garden? What if you are unable to access or the ability to do a quiz? And what if you don’t have a full fridge and only have an empty stomach? It’s so much easier for the ‘haves’ to cope with the lockdown than the ‘have-nots’.

We anticipate that when the lockdown starts to really bite, some members of our community, especially those in Ekuphumleni will become short of resources and be unable to buy food.

With this in mind, KOSRA has arranged with Spar to prepare parcels of essential foodstuffs, which will be distributed to those people who are identified by ELDERS in Ekuphumleni to be in need.

The unhesitating support and offer of help from Spar has been breathtaking. The KOSRA committee has decided to allocate substantial seed-funding to kick off this project and hopes that you will take our breath away with your generous contributions.

We will gratefully accept anything from R1 to R1 million. These funds will be ring-fenced for the COVID-19 project.

If you are able to make a donation please send it to:
Account Name: Kenton Ratepayers Association
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code:  N/A
A/C No. 283948167
Reference: COVID-19.


  1. Please excuse those of us who are already supporting staff

  2. Great initiative and definitely worth supporting. One question: How will the food parcels be distributed, without masses crowding into Kenton Village/Spar? We have to try to discourage crowding

  3. I am very happy to make a donation. However I have become very very cynical about these sort of schemes as invariably somebody pockets the loot for themselves. Are you absolutely sure that this money is going to end up where it is supposed to go?

    • We will post shortly on the logistics of how we will distribute and to whom. Hopefully this will alleviate any fears anyone may have of the parcels falling into the wrong hands.

  4. Great idea. THanks very much for leading this. Mary

  5. A fantastic happening.

    Blessings upon all who donate.

  6. Well done on this initiative – it is great to be provided with a platform that enables one to contribute in some way…!

  7. Thank you for setting this up. If there is something I can do from the safety of my home – please let me know.
    I am a Xhosa speaker – if that is of any help

    • Thank you we will let you know!

  8. Wonderful undertaking. Many thanks, also for the reminder. Donation on the way.

  9. Will this relief also go to Marcelle/Klipfontein?

    • The logistics to do this are huge. We are biting one bit of the elephant at a time.
      We are in contact with BRAAG who hopefully will support Marcelle/Klipfontein etc.

  10. Like Buzz I am sceptical about ELDERS and politics that take will take the credit for these donations.
    As individuals no credit is asked for but as a caring community it important to build good relations…..
    therefor the logistics need to be spelled out

    • Please see next blog post with logistic clearly explained. Thank you

  11. Is there a universal bank code or a specific one for Standard Bank

    • If doing an EFT it automatically puts the code in!

      • Is it a SWIFT code that you are looking for?

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