DA: Closing in on corrupt tenders

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Independent entity must investigate irregular Ndlambe tender processes by Cllr Jocelyn Guest – DA Ndlambe Caucus

Date: 23 July 2020
Release: Immediate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has submitted a motion to the Speaker of the Ndlambe Local Municipality requesting a full investigation into the Municipality’s tender processes over the past three years.

Last week the DA opened a criminal case against Ndlambe Municipal Manager, Rolly Dumezweni, at the Port Alfred police station. This case arises from the judgement against Ndlambe Municipality in the Grahamstown High Court, which found that the awarding of a tender to Quality Filtration Systems for the installation of a reverse osmosis plant was unlawful and irregular.

The Court has set aside the tender, saying that the conduct on the part of the Ndlambe Municipality was beset with problems and irregularities and ran foul of proper procurement procedure requirements.

DA EC Shadow MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Vicky Knoetze, MPL, has written to Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane, to request him to refer the matter to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for investigation as a matter of urgency.

She has also written to the MEC of CoGTA, Xolile Nqatha, to ensure that steps are taken in terms of consequence management and that the Municipal Manager is suspended until such time as the investigation by the SIU is complete.
Tender and supply chain processes in Ndlambe can only be described as shambolic.
Recently, a case brought against the Municipality for irregular tendering processes by the Kenton on Sea Ratepayers Association highlighted several failures in the municipal supply chain management system.

Successive audit reports have also revealed that there is a constant failure in Ndlambe’s supply chain management processes.

We have, therefore, requested that an independent legal or forensic firm be appointed to carry out a full forensic investigation into all tenders issued and/or awarded over the past 3 years. The DA has further requested that this motion be included in the agenda of the next Council meeting.

We will not tolerate corruption, maladministration or financial misconduct on our watch. Municipal finances must be utilised to benefit the residents of the municipality, not to benefit the connected few.

Media Enquiries
Cllr Jocelyn Guest
DA Ndlambe Caucus


  1. Thanks for doing such a excelent job.Maybe our accounts for rates and taxes must be part of the investigation.

  2. Most heartening to know that people out there are demanding accountability for how our monthly Rates n Taxes paid over to local municipalities are being spent. We accept that fairly large portions of these monies are to be spent on uplifting the poorer communities on infrastructure and services, but when these taxes are suspected of being siphoned off illegally, we need to know that something is being done to stop the rot. Well done Jocelyn Guest and team.

  3. Well done. If corruption can be rooted out in our small dot on the map, then it can be done elsewhere.

  4. Well done. Can the Municipality simply ignore this request and equally the EC Premier? What is there to enforce a response and an action? Either way it is an important step forward.

    • They may both ignore it. Hopefully then the DA will apply for a court order that they act.
      But they need financial support for that.

      • Would that financial support that you mention come from the municipal coffers or from the individual’s pockets?

        • DA voters and supporters would have to contribute to fund legal costs. If the DA won, it could recover some costs from the municipality (in reality, our rates), or wishfully, personally from the officials who failed to act.

  5. The effort of both KOSRA and the DA is hugely appreciated.

    What is the likelihood that costs be recovered from, and disciplinary action be taken against the incompetent/?corrupt officials

    • This won’t happen unless the DA obtains a court order forcing Ndlambe to recover costs from the officials and take disciplinary action. But this will require funds for legal costs

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