Domestic waste – Where to dump – and when to dump!

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Blog, Recycling & Waste | 4 comments

Domestic waste, household waste, garbage, trash: no matter what we to call it, we all have to get rid of it.

We are sure most of you manage your waste as best you can – by recycling, up-cycling and using vegetable waste for compost and worm farms. To all of you who conscientiously dispose of waste: “Good on you!”

Unfortunately, during the past year, and especially over the festive season, indiscriminate dumping of waste in servitudes, on vacant stands and in the bush was very noticeable. As waste management remains the responsibility and obligation of everyone in our community, we would like to urge you to report illegal dumping directly to the municipality.

Remember a picture speaks louder than words, so a quick photo and a note on location will assist with its removal. A little naming and shaming might also make perpetrators think twice before they dump!

Property owners, tenants and visitors also have a responsibility to make sure their bin bags are not left out on the street before their respective collection days. If you are vacating your property, take your rubbish to the MUNICIPAL SKIPS (situated below the municipal offices) and please don’t leave the bags lying outside the house.

KOSRA will assist, wherever possible, with liaison with the municipality but it really is the community’s responsibility to monitor and report irresponsible and illegal dumping.

Click here to see the Ndlambe refuse removal schedule

Let’s work together to clean up our town!

Municipal Offices, Kenton-on-Sea 046 648 1304
Ndlambe Municipal Offices, Port Alfred 046 624 5500
WhatsApp Adrian on 082 567 4973 as a last resort. 


  1. What date do the new collection days commence? So far collections are the same as last year

    • Collections should be the same as last year. We have noted discrepancies with the Ndlambe list and what actually happens.

  2. I would really like to see more use made of the recycling but not sure how this can be achieved. Just having a look at the size and type of refuse outside houses is a clear indication that very little recycling is happening.

    • Absolutely. New blog post on recycling will be sent out tomorrow morning – hope it helps.

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