Food aid – the good, the bad and the ugly

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19 | 11 comments

Last week we completed the food parcel delivery for this part of the project. The last effort saw us deliver 12 tons of maize meal into Ekuphumleni in four nights. This delivery was somewhat disrupted firstly by weather and secondly by behavior towards those who were doing the delivery.

We are not sure where this attitude of a “right to a parcel” comes from but we were getting an enormous amount for pressure from the people that we knew were either working and/or receiving parcels from another source. This was cooled down by taking a weekend break and resuming on last Monday. The actual dates of the deliveries were 20,21 then 25 and 27 May.

From the 26 to the 27 we were also running 4 tons of potatoes and 2.5 tons of milk during the day. It was during these day time deliveries that Mike Konaha, our chief organizer, was both physically and verbally assaulted by the lady, Noluthando Ziqula who is the head of the ANC in Ekuphumleni and her brother, Xolani Ziqula. A charge has been laid at Kenton SAPS.

This brings a close to this project as we are about to go into level 3 of lockdown and most of the people will be back at work. We will however, with the remaining funds, be doing drops to people that we know to be very desperate. This will only occur after being vetted by one of us. What we mean by this is that someone may claim to be desperate but if you walk into their house, you find that the DSTV is on.

For our accounts, this last drop cost R82-00 x 1200 = R98 400.

Fresh food will still be incoming and this will be distributed as and when it arrives. I would like to commend Ross, Tobie, Nick, Mike, Banele, Patrick, Tulani, Anele, Kolisi and Sphosethe for all their help during this operation. Picture below of all or chaps.

Mark Moses


  1. Well done to you guys – your hearts are in the right place.

  2. Well done, everyone.
    Politics sadly inescapeable, everywhere in the world.

  3. That is absolutely fabulous, yet so heartsore to think the one who gets fed in hard times, attacks you. Not on.

    Well done on fabulous gift of kindness!

  4. Thank you KOSRA for all you have done to alleviate the plight of those suffering under lockdown. Sadly there are those that feel all largess should be distributed come from them. Glad to know the worst sufferers will continue to benefit.

  5. Well done to everyone involved in this project – a few bad apples – but many more who needed support received it.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful work you have done. The parcels to the really needy would have truly assisted their plight.

  7. Congratulations on a job very well done!
    Yur and your team’s efforts are greatly appreciated.
    What a pity that politics had to come before people at one stage.
    Well persevered.

  8. This was an outstanding project. Well done to all involved. Why am I not surprised by the ANC’s response.

  9. Well done and thanks for the effort.

  10. Well done to all concerned.

  11. Mark and colleagues, Well done on a difficult and at times frustrating job. You have all done well. I trust the SAP take action against the abuse you all sustained. Those you have helped will appreciate your considerable efforts.

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