KOSRA Covid-19 Relief fund | Distribution & Selection

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19 | 6 comments

We knew you would but THANK YOU, thank you to all the generous members of the Kenton community who have donated to the KOSRA Covid-19 Relief Fund already.

To allay fears of the food parcels not getting to the needy (and being hijacked and pocketed by undeserving members of society) and also that the scheme may cause unnecessary crowding in town, here is an outline of how the distribution and selection process will work.


• Social workers living and working in Ekuphumleni will identify those in dire need.
• No political party or government official will be involved in the selection process.


• The distribution team comprises members of Night Watch, Hi-Tech and SAPS.
• The distribution team will be accompanied by a social worker and an elder on every trip.
• Spar have provided the distribution team with a truck to take the parcels to Ekuphumleni. No collection from the Spar will take place.
• The unstinting support of SAPS will help safeguard the distribution team.
• Sanitary precautions will be taken by team members to protect, not only themselves, but the recipients of the parcels too.
• The delivery will take place in the very early morning when there is likely to be less unwelcome attention.

To start, 200 hundred parcels will be delivered every night for 5 nights commencing Monday 6 April.

The COVID-19 RELIEF FUND is yours – all food parcels distributed are given by THE KENTON COMMUNITY.



  1. Is Marselle not included?

  2. Well done indeed to KOSRA for all the efforts in caring for the needy members in our community

  3. Please advise why Marseille and Klipfontein is not included.This is the time when ALL the people are requiring help.Kenton also employ from Marseille and Klipfontein.There are also needy people in these areas .

    • We are working working with other ratepayer associates to make sure all communities are assisted.

  4. thank you for this intiative

  5. A fantastic project. Contribution made

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