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How lucky are we in Kenton to have vast expanses of clean and pristine beaches on which to walk and play. But are our beaches really as clean and pristine as we’d like to think or do they harbour diseases and bacteria?

Sadly, because we have a large number of irresponsible (resident and visitor) dog owners, our beaches are a breeding ground for zoonoses.

Dog poo is exceedingly harmful to children, not to mention pretty disgusting! These faeces, as well as being an environmental pollutant, can carry:

  • Whipworms
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Parvo
  • Corona
  • Giardiasis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Campylobacteriosis

Not to mention TOXOCARIASIS which often affects young children as they’re more likely to come into contact with contaminated sand when they play on our beaches and then put their hands in their mouths. Although rare, most children (and adults) make a full recovery and do not experience any long-term complications. However, there’s definitely a risk of permanent vision loss if one of the eyes is affected.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO to protect our children and grandchildren?

  1. Pick up you dog poo, not only on the beaches, but also on the paths and pavements
  2. Use biodegradable poo bags (no more plastic please)
  3. Dispose of the poo bags responsibly
  4. Photograph and report irresponsible dog owners

KOSRA has made biodegradable dog poo bags available at the HOUSE PLANNER (for a donation). They are also on sale at the Kariega VET and Paws & Claws. There is no excuse!

AND REMEMBER… In terms of our By-laws, if your dog is not on a lead in a public place, you could be liable to a fine of R200.



  1. I am a responsible dog owner and owner in Kenton. I always pick up my dog’s poo, but there are no bins only on Middle. I either carry the poop bags until I get to the bin or I hide it behind a rock and collect it on my way home and deposit in Middle Beach or Westbourne bin.

    Surely, it would encourage dog owners to pickup and dispose of poop in bins IF there were more bins around the beach area. Same applies to rubbish left by beach goers who seem to leave their rubbish on the beach BECAUSE there are not enough big bins.

    Please consider more bins along the beach areas.

    Many thanks

    • Agree, more bins! Another project in the pipeline!

  2. The easy availability of biodegradable poo bags is excellent. Thank you.
    I do sometimes visit with dogs and am always disappointed by how slack people are in cleaning up after their pets.

  3. Please note that ‘dog poo bags’ cannot go to landfill nor into a garden compost. They must be buried in your garden where they will degrade. See Sept Estuary Care newsletter.

  4. This has been happening for years because the bylaws are not enforced. Every year we experience this because nothing is done about it. The solution is … enforce the bylaws!

    • Agree, but at least we can do something to help make a difference!

  5. Brilliant – especially the biodegradable bags!

  6. Thank you for bringing this up again. Unfortunately, nothing will change until the law is enforced, which is unlikely to happen. To ask the public to report and photograph is unrealistic. I have been shown the finger when I pointed out to a couple that their big dog has just made a big poo and they walked away without picking it up. It is such a huge problem in Kenton.

    • Take extra bags and give them out to those who have unfortunately left theirs behind!

  7. Thanks!

  8. Changing an established behaviour is never easy !
    It is always difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.
    There will be much wagging of middle fingers before it ceases to be fashionable to leave dog poop on the beaches.
    Continual pressure over a long period of time will work.
    The key market is the next generation , the school children.

  9. Great idea. Take your dogpoo home with you. Who has to empty the bin? Enforce the law by paying a “student” to walk around the beach (especially Kenton side of Bushmans mouth) to constantly remind people and to hand out bags. Every evening for the peak period.

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