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Recycling is the way forward …

Recycling remains a frustrating and challenging concern for KOSRA. It is evident that our municipality has no immediate or medium-term plans for recycling. There is some talk about long-term solutions, but little is committed to writing at present. This makes it extremely difficult for us to monitor and gauge Ndlambe’s commitment to the management of recycling in our area.

KOSRA maintains regular communication with the relevant Ndlambe Municipal Managers and Directors responsible for waste and recycling in an effort to highlight recycling as a priority for Kenton and surrounds.

However, the responsible managers have to date responded to our regular requests for assistance and have made an effort to clean up unsightly litter and maintain at a reasonable level the ‘problematic skips’ situated near the municipal offices. This is by no means perfect and remains a ‘work in progress’.

Attempts to make recycling a permanent and viable business in our district have been largely unsuccessful.

It would seem that for the immediate future KOSRA’s value will be to keep Ndlambe Municipality aware of their recycling obligations, both legally and/or to the residents of Kenton on Sea.

Steve Barwick
Recycling & Waste Portfolio Holder

KOSRA working for you!


  1. It would be wonderful to see the ” problematic skips ” be relocated to a more remote location. They attract rats, vagrants and on a windy day deposit litter all the way down Beaufort Street. They should not be where they are….

  2. What is the status of the Recycling Depot in Bushmans Industrial area on Industria Rd on the way to Build It?
    Is there a procedure and is it open for business?

    • It is open for business. You can take your recycling there during business hours.

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