Single use plastic free Kenton

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Blog, Recycling & Waste

Follow the R’s

Remember when there were only three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic. Well, now there seem to be another four added to the mix.

In the quest for a ‘single-use-plastic-free-Kenton’ we would like to encourage you to follow the seven R’s:

  1. REDUCE – dramatically reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. Every time you put a black PLASTIC bag out for the dustmen to collect remember that it’s going to landfill!
  2. REUSE – if you can. Before you throw anything away rethink! Can it be used again!
  3. REFILL – are you able to refill the bottle? Don’t throw it away, refill it please!
  4. REPAIR – don’t throw it – mend it.
  5. REPURPOSE – can it be used another way? Don’t dump your old wheelbarrow; plant it! Repurposing can be very creative and satisfying.
  6. REPLACE – replace the things you know to be bad with something else. No plastic straws, use bamboo ones.
  7. RECYCLE – and please recycle. Our Recycling Depot needs lots of glass and cardboard and, well, you know the list by now!

So let’s try to make Kenton ‘single-use-plastic-free’ ASAP!



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