The Sand Dune Debate Continues

by | May 7, 2021 | Blog | 7 comments

In an open letter to the Kenton Sand Dune and Nature Association (KSDNA) KOSRA promises to defend the Estuary, the use of water, the aesthetics of Kenton, the interests of the ratepayers and those of the broader community to the fullest extent and offers a renewed invitation for KSDNA to seek a negotiated compromise.

Click here to read the open letter.


  1. I notice the high level of frustration reflected in the emotive language used in the open letter. As all correspondence will be discussed in possible litigation, it may be worth having a legal pre-review of future open letters

  2. Many years ago before Lands End was opened up, we objected to the development of an area zoned as a caravan park. However we were threatened with the building of ablution blocks on the dune and in our view. We then agreed to houses that would blend in with the bush,an example of which is the original small house that has now been developed into one of the large houses. It has been common knowledge for many years that the free movement of sand is essential. This has been ignored and more and more properties have been developed that interfere with this free and changing movement. Let us realize that grave mistakes have been made and put an end to these inflated ideas that nature can be controlled.

  3. I agree with Mr van Huyssteen and his Committe. They show a lot of good sense.

  4. Thank you for the time and effort taken to construct a well-argued and reasonable response to what seems to be an impractical and wasteful proposal to deal with the sand dune encroachment issue.

  5. I cant believe the size of that dune!!!! We used to park in that parking area and sit looking at the river – the sand was flat.
    Your letter is well written, well-chosen words and I wish you all strength to keep at this – I am appalled by what lengths some people will go to to feel important – making random and non-sensical decisions.

  6. Well done KOSRA. I’m sure you have the support of the vast majority of rate payers.

  7. Hi. I am a research professor in the Institute for Water Research at Rhodes. We have been monitoring the development of these dunes since 1978. The dunes on the east bank of the Bushmans River have grown in height since 1978, and now comprise four dunes that are moving in an easterly direction at a rate of 2m per year. Any human interference in this biophysical process is useless. Please contact me if you need anymore information. Regards Tony Palmer

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