The Water Saga

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Blog, Water | 4 comments

A recent meeting with Amatola revealed that there were 3 main causes for the water problems we experienced over the weekend of 7 June.

They were:

  1. Fluctuations on the Eskom power supply. This caused damage to pumps and other electrical equipment. Amatola have taken this up with Eskom and hope it will be resolved soon. If necessary, KOSRA will also put pressure on Eskom.
  2. Murky water escaping into the RO equipment during flushing. The faulty valve has been fixed and the damage has been repaired.
  3. Theft of electric cable from the Diaz boreholes for the third time in 10 days. Security has been beefed up and some suspects have been mentioned to SAPS.

The reservoirs are filling up again and we hope that you will now receive a steady supply. We are embarking on an audit of the whole reticulation system to try to ensure that all areas – especially the higher ones – get their fair share.

We suggest that you read your water meter on the days that they are read for the municipality and check the readings against you account. Readings are done every 2 or 3 months and estimates are used in between.

Turn off you water at the meter when you are away, to prevent loss from leaks or copper pipe theft.


  1. Well done KOSRA, your input is most appreciated (by all, I’m sure!).

  2. I am a mechanical engineer and have worked in the water treatment field for 56 years. My main area of expertise is waste water treatment. However I have a fairly good overall knowledge of water in general.
    If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

    I am still actively working in this field.

  3. please be aware that ndlambe will charge you a nominal amount for some months, and then smack you with a massive bill. i had 7 months of low charge and then 52 kl over two months.
    read your meters and check their records

  4. Thank you for all you are doing for our village ! We are very grateful.

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