Upkeep of Kenton

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Blog, Water, Infrastructure and Maintenance

Dear Kentonites

As you probably are well aware by now, KOSRA assists the Ndlambe Municipality with the management and up keep of the tow paths, servitudes and “high street” gardens. Busy Bee Garden Services is contracted to assist in these endeavors.

In addition we would like to urge all our residents and home owners to assist in the up keep of our town with the regular maintenance of any overgrown trees, hedges and vegetation that encroaches onto the servitudes, streets and general public access areas. July to September is the best time of year to do this. Our narrow roads are already tricky to navigate as it is and is made more challenging when one needs to avoid overhanging vegetation.

If you are not a permanent resident and in need of assistance please reach out to KOSRA and/or Busy Bee, Ndlambe Garden Service, Kenton Garden Service, or any of the other gardening service operations.

Thank you


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