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Greetings Kenton Residents

Recently I attended another three hour water meeting which was probably the most productive one so far. These meetings have resulted in close and cordial cooperation between the personnel of water supplier Amatola, Ndlambe and the KOS organisations, KOSRA and the Business Forum.

The aim of these interactions is to find ways to ensure that we do not have a repeat of the water crisis during the next festive period.

Although we all know that the demand for water is significantly reduced at this time of year it is still heartening to know that for quite a few days Amatola had to turn off their supply pumps because the storage reservoirs were full. This is a huge step in the right direction.

However, we must not be complacent and Kenton residents can help by conserving water by making sure you have plenty of rainwater storage tanks.

To be able to use the rainwater effectively you need to ask a plumber to make sure you have three choices for retrieving your stored water. Those are:

  1. Use only rainwater in the home
  2. Simultaneously use municipal water and rain water
  3. Only use municipal water.

Selection 2 would probably be the most used option but when there is no municipal water you should be able to easily change to option 1 and when there is no electricity, to option 3.  Doesn’t this make sense?

For households with more than one water storage tank, if the tanks are not full by mid-December, one of the tanks could be filled with Municipal water to ensure you have enough water for the festive period even if there is a Municipal supply problem.

Residents can also help by reporting any water leaks immediately. We are trying to get the Municipality to give us a dedicated phone number for reporting leaks. As soon as we get it, we will let you know.

As KOSRA would like to try to monitor water leakages we suggest that residents try the following:

  • Report the leak on the Kenton 365 What’s App group. Be specific, giving address of the nearest house or
  • Email insidekenton@kentonratepayers.co.za

KOSRA will make sure the relevant municipal workers are aware of any problems and we will record the time, position and details of each report so we can start to build a database of where, when and why problems occur. These reports can also include low pressure and any other water related problems.  We will then be able to check that leakages are being dealt with effectively.

The municipality is very keen to eliminate leaks in the water system and has a team standing by to deal with them.  A bad water leak or pipe burst can have a huge effect on the water availability so your help really will make a difference.

Redmond Taggart
KOSRA Committee



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