Water Scarcity Looming this Festive Season

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog, Water, Water, Infrastructure and Maintenance

Get water-ready for December!

In preparation for the busy festive season, we encourage all residents and business owners to purchase and install water storage tanks if they haven’t already done so.

It is imperative that we make use of the forecasted rainfall in the coming weeks and fill up and store what we can, while we can.

Our reservoirs are filling up, however surrounding areas continue to encounter drastic water challenges which is a huge concern and added reason for why we are encouraging action towards a reliable and sustainable solution of rainwater-harvesting. Every time the rain falls, you have a chance to harvest it. After your initial purchase, having a rainwater tank not only reduces your water bill, but allows you access to fresh water for free and a system that is rewarding, and easy to maintain.

Please note, water restrictions are to remain in place and all local ratepayers and holiday-makers are asked to practice responsible water usage. Water is scarce and one of our most precious natural resources that we must not take for granted. If we do not exercise caution, we will see severe water shortages in December.

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