Water supply update

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Blog, Chamber of Business, Water

Wow, have we had good rains in the past week, over a 100mm! All your storage tanks should be full by now.  Plus we also had water on the Eskom upgrade day last Wednesday. What a great way to start autumn!

Meetings with Amatola and Ndlambe continue but as they can sometimes be clouded in officialdom and doublespeak it was decided to set up a technical committee to cut to the chase!

The first of the technical meetings took place on Wednesday 24 April. It was attended by technical representatives from Amatola, Ndlambe, KOSRA (Redmond Taggart) and the Kenton Business Forum (Justin Wilmot). Also present was a ‘water consultant’ jointly briefed by KOSRA and KBF.

The meeting was a very positive step forward. Many ‘challenges’ were identified and sound technical solutions put forward to rectify those problems.

It is a little early to go into too much detail but please be assured that the short-term aim is to ensure that there will be NO water crisis during the next festive season.

In addition to technical solutions it was agreed that water restrictions must be implemented to reduce water usage. The installation of smart meters and other methods, similar to those used in Cape Town, are being considered.

Whilst we don’t believe that, at present, we have a Cape Town type shortage we do ALL need to be more conservative in our water usage.

It better to have a reliable, limited water supply then no water supply at all.



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