Dumping in our back yard

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Blog, Water, Infrastructure and Maintenance | 4 comments

The first round of clearing alien invaders in the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve is complete. However, the project is now far from over as you can see from the photos. The second round of clearing is for household rubbish! Someone has been dumping in our back yard!

PLEASE help us stop illegal dumping! Whether it is household or garden waste there is a place for it.


If you’re an avid gardener then there’s no such thing as garden waste as nearly all of it can go on your compost heap. Weeds, of course, are the exception! If you have a small garden and need to dispose of leaves and clippings here’s what to do:

  • A black bag of garden waste will be taken by the municipality, along with your household refuse, once a week.
  • Leaves and soft cuttings can be taken to Wot Compost at River Roost.
  • Branches and bigger material can be taken to the garden tip just beyond Build It in the Bushmans Industrial Area.

Please DO NOT dump garden cuttings into any reserve or public space. Invaders and exotics are being spread by this illegal dumping!


The municipality normally collects household refuse from each house once a week.

  • Only put your rubbish out on collection day, otherwise it’s dispersed by dogs illegally allowed to roam the streets.
  • If you’re vacating a house and it’s not rubbish collection day please DO NOT leave it outside the house. Take it to the skips just below the Municipal Offices in Kenton.



  1. Thank You ! I have never ending problem with dumping of all kinds of rubbish on the bacantvstand Vasco da Gama cnr. Gowan Str. Also the Municipality simply does not keep the verge around this stand cleaned nor the weeds breaking up the tar
    I have competed various forms with requests for clearing; all to no avail. Please advise as to how I should go ahead ? A real eyesore and very detrimental to Carriage House, offering approved accommodation . Your assistance shall be greatly appreciated thank you in advance .
    Kindly, Lottie Brink.

    • A suggestion would be for you to contact your garden service to clear for you. Especially as you are offering accommodation and want your surrounds to be beautiful for your guests.

    • Hi Lottie. That property belongs to my brother James who lives in Washington DC. He has asked me to put together a plan to keep it in check. I will arrive in Kenton on 20 November and its on my to do list. Can we meet up and gave a chat about it? We CA make a plan that suits all concerned.

  2. This is so sad to see and hear. We left Kenton a couple of years ago but our memories and being in touch with friends there has never left us. It seems that the ‘society’ we live in is becoming ever more selfish and lacking in care, and it really does not matter where you live. I hope that this latest raising of the profile will keep this malaise in check. Have a great holiday season this year!

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