Legal action against Ndlambe municipality

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KOSRA are acutely aware of the intense sense of frustration that ratepayers harbour regarding the lack of service delivery from Ndlambe and excessive rates charges that Ndlambe has sought to selectively impose. At every turn, we have every reason to express differing levels of anger and annoyance at what we are expected to put up with.

On this basis, we have engaged with certain of the most senior officials at Ndlambe and explained that the ratepayers are at the end of their patience waiting for change and for improvement which simply HAS to come.

KOSRA is embarking on a process of interaction with Ndlambe where we will tackle issues topic by topic. First will be rates and roads, followed by water and sewage. Waste management is already under an on-going process of discussion.

IF this process does not bear fruit within a reasonably short time frame, KOSRA is of the view that litigation will be the only option as a last resort because government compliance with court orders is not always a given.

Before we start the survey we would like to highlight a few but important facts pertaining to Ndlambe municipality as documented in the AG report:


Loss of water due to poor management (overflows, metering inefficiencies, meter faults and unauthorized unmetered consumption)


Electricity losses due to medium and low voltage loses in switch gear, overhead lines, underground cables and transformers, meter reading and electrical tampering


Irregular expenditure due to bad supply chain management and policy deviations. No steps were taken to prevent this. R410m of current and prior year amounts were simply written off

Bonuses were paid to the municipal manager and senior managers before the annual report for the applicable performance year was tabled and adopted by council.

And the list goes on…

With this purpose in mind, please could you complete our short survey:


  1. thank you for your efforts.

  2. Is it correct to assume it is from residents with legal expertise from whom you would like assistance should KOSRA pursue legal action?

    • Hi there. If you click on yes in the survey it brings down a drop down menu of the required skills.

  3. Legal is NOT way to go.

    • Unfortunately it is currently the ONLY way to go

    • What remedial action would you suggest instead?

  4. By solar street lights I am more thinking in the direction of as many as possible owners plant a pole and install a street lamp that works with solar power. For a start one one each stand but if affordable two will be best.
    Details of who and how can be sorted out but it can work. The more of the grid we can get the better.
    There are other ways to get more off the grid as well.
    We as community can help those who can’t afford it, it is to the whole of Boknes’s advantage.

  5. Good Kosra!
    Support your initiative!!

  6. Legal action is definitely not sn option. The previous legal battle was won by KOSRA and Ndlambe still did nothing. Ndlambe’s legal bill was footed by our rates. Ndlambe blamed legal action taken against the., for the lack of funds to deliver services. The only winner is the legal teams and court costs.

  7. No to legal action

  8. thank you to all involved in KOSRA for your time, effort and expertise. I understand that legal action causes problems but there are simply no consequences for any of their bad governance – and sometimes that is all that they will understand – are consequences. we cannot continue to pay for their lack of capacity. they will simply take more and put back less – as we see from all services.
    All over the country people are starting to wake up to the ANC and their terrible standards – maybe that is an angle….. to make the people who voted for the ANC aware that they are receiving nothing in return.
    sadly – many if us will be forced to sell our holiday homes and go somewhere else, as it is simply only the very rich who can afford these current ‘select” rates.
    we as a family are sadly forced to look elsewhere as we cannot afford the ridiculous rates on top of the total lack of services.

  9. Please consider getting OUTA involved. They specialize in tackling these litigation matters and are experienced in successfully challenging this type of tax abuse.

    • Very good idea. Maximum publicity is necessary

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