Potholes in Kenton

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Apart from the damage that lorries and builders’ trucks do to our roads in Kenton the general state is pretty dire!

So in accordance with our brief “to watch over the interests of our members regarding the activities of local government; to protect, maintain and improve the amenities of Kenton-on-Sea and its environs”, KOSRA sent a mail to the Infrastructure Department at the Municipality asking when we can expect the potholes to be mended and our roads to be suitably maintained.

We received the following response on 20 September:

“Our roads team has commenced with the pothole repairs at Oettle Street, from there onwards they will be attending to Van der Stel Street and we envisage that the repairs should have been completed by next week (Weather Permitting).”

Please find the below responses to your questions: 

  1. Do you have a programme for fixing potholes in Kenton?
    Yes, our roads team has a weekly programme which they use to execute roads maintenance.
  2. Is it permitted for residents to repair potholes outside their properties?
    Preferably not, however if push comes to shove, this needs to be arranged through the Head of Infrastructure in the Municipality.
  3. If so, where can the proper material be obtained?
    Cold mix Asphalt can be obtained from various suppliers such as; Much Asphalt, Colas & Toasa.

However, in the event that an agreement has been made between the Municipality and the residents to do the repairs, the Municipality would try and provide this material as we usually have in stock.

In future, please do not hesitate to direct any Infrastructure related enquiries to myself on the below contract details.”

Thulani Maluleke
Deputy Director
Ndlambe Local Municipality: Infrastructural Development
Tel: 046 604 5500
Email: tmaluleke@ndlambe.gov.za

Before we could blink our eyes, the serious potholes in Oettle Street had been repaired.

In order to save Mr. Maluleke from being inundated by e-mails from residents, we suggest that you e-mail us details of any bad potholes needing urgent repair, and we will pass these on.

Send your e-mail to: news@kentonratepayers.co.za




  1. They have also fixed potholes in Rochester Street. However these just have the asphalt mix poured into the holes and covered with loose gravel. No preparation of the holes is done and no stamping of the filling is done either. As a result these all stand proud of the street and create an uneven surface that will soon deteriorate again.

    • Noted! We will add this to the list!

    • Thanks for all the input Kosra.
      Has Van der Stel st been done?
      We only see this on November, but the road was shocking when we were there in July.

      • It has been reported!

  2. Well done KOSRA!
    you would probably get fewer comments if you asked for info of where repairs are NOT required!

    My family and I own 3 properties in Westbourne Road and we are the ultimate owners of New Kenton Properties (Pty) Ltd which company owns a number of erven in Kenton. When we get to Kenton in early December I provide detailed comment on this matter but my first reaction is that we should investigate the use of a competent contractor as the quality of repairs done by the Council in the past has been very poor.

    • After all the building work in Donkin Drive it is in serious need of repairs. We also need a speed hump in front of no 47 as it is a bend and the cars come racing around so dangerous for kids and animals.

      • Noted. Will submit to the Municipality.

  3. Many roads in Kenton have disintegrated to the point that further patching is a waste of time and money. Surely the time has come for the municipality to start a programme of reconstruction and resurfacing our roads, as they did with the main road through town?

    I don’t believe the municipality can claim lack of funds. My annual rates come to about R40 000 (for one house) and no doubt other households pay a similar amount. Surely, as ratepayers, We can expect decent roads in return?

    • Thank you for your comment. NOTED. It will be added to the list for submission to the municipality.

        PARK ST
        MANY MORE
        Must use proper road paint otherwise wears off quickly

  4. Please please could something be done about the serious deterioration of Merryhill Roads, we have had a house there for nearly 30 years and nothing has been done to them by the Municipality in that time (apart from a resident repairing potholes himself) – not even painting. We feel that nothing is being done with our rates money to maintain our area and it’s desperately sad to see the deterioration in the roads – thank you

    • Thank you NOTED we will add to the list and report back to the municipality.

  5. Please request the municipality to attend to the potholes in Merryhill. The roads are a disgrace and the Homeowners Ass has been attending to them on an ongoing basis. The traffic in the holidays is busy with visitors and locals towing boats to the Marina.

    • We will do so.

  6. In most cases filling of potholes is a waste of our rates money.
    a) the filling is done incorrectly
    b) there is more than potholes. On many roads you can see substantial sections of road
    simply drifting into the gutters and gullys
    c) At the imbizo held a little over a year ago in Kenton the chief of infrastructure stood and agreed with both points above.
    d) Many intersections need complete replacement.
    Lastly will Ndlambe entertain claims for vehicle damage. I needed to replace two relatively new tyres due to alignment damage (cause affirmed by garage doing the replacement)

    • Thank you, we are logging all the complaints and will forward to the municipality.

  7. I live in Westbourne Rd. I am getting old and find it almost impossible to go for a walk as the road is so uneven. Filling in of pot holes i really a waste of time we may as well lift up the tar and go back to gravel. The humps are almost never painted and are difficult to see especially if the trees cast a shadow on to the area. What does Ndlambe do with our rates which have once again been increased. Think it is strange that the new mayoress has just been given an Audi Q7 where did that money come from.

    • I have owned a house in Oxford Road for over 20 years. During that time the Council, at best, may have filled in the odd pothole.
      The road surface has deteriorated to such an extent that I believe it needs to be re-built from scratch. No amount of patching will resurrect the surface.

      • Thank you NOTED. Will add to the list to send to the municipality.

  8. Noted thank you

  9. I certainly agree with Anthony above. The method that the municipality uses in “fixing” potholes is largely a waste of time and money. They have no idea as to the correct method, I have also witnessed them pouring bitumen into potholes and then placing stone aggregate on top. When they do use cold premix, there is no preparation prior done to the pothole, which is definitely required. The premix is placed by hand and a hand stamper is used to compact it, they should at least be using a plate compactor.

    Thank you

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