Apart from the damage that lorries and builders’ trucks do to our roads in Kenton the general state is pretty dire!

So in accordance with our brief “to watch over the interests of our members regarding the activities of local government; to protect, maintain and improve the amenities of Kenton-on-Sea and its environs”, KOSRA sent a mail to the Infrastructure Department at the Municipality asking when we can expect the potholes to be mended and our roads to be suitably maintained.

We received the following response on 20 September:

“Our roads team has commenced with the pothole repairs at Oettle Street, from there onwards they will be attending to Van der Stel Street and we envisage that the repairs should have been completed by next week (Weather Permitting).”

Please find the below responses to your questions: 

  1. Do you have a programme for fixing potholes in Kenton?
    Yes, our roads team has a weekly programme which they use to execute roads maintenance.
  2. Is it permitted for residents to repair potholes outside their properties?
    Preferably not, however if push comes to shove, this needs to be arranged through the Head of Infrastructure in the Municipality.
  3. If so, where can the proper material be obtained?
    Cold mix Asphalt can be obtained from various suppliers such as; Much Asphalt, Colas & Toasa.

However, in the event that an agreement has been made between the Municipality and the residents to do the repairs, the Municipality would try and provide this material as we usually have in stock.

In future, please do not hesitate to direct any Infrastructure related enquiries to myself on the below contract details.”

Thulani Maluleke
Deputy Director
Ndlambe Local Municipality: Infrastructural Development
Tel: 046 604 5500
Email: tmaluleke@ndlambe.gov.za

Before we could blink our eyes, the serious potholes in Oettle Street had been repaired.

In order to save Mr. Maluleke from being inundated by e-mails from residents, we suggest that you e-mail us details of any bad potholes needing urgent repair, and we will pass these on.

Send your e-mail to: news@kentonratepayers.co.za



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