Sand Dune Update

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We are pleased to report that a meeting was held on 18 February 2021 with senior officials of Ndlambe regarding possible alternative solutions to the Kenton sand dune which would be a compromise between the concerns of the Kenton Sand Dune Association and the concerns of KOSRA and Estuary Care under the guidance of Ndlambe Municipality.

The Ndlambe officials have kindly agreed to assist in establishing a steering committee of interested parties to oversee the process.

Kevin van Huyssteen


  1. Would be glad to know what the plan is ?

    • The DEDEAT authorised Municipal Maintenance plan was issued on the 11August. The KSDNA have submitted a Proposal prepared by the leading Coastal Engineers (PRDW) and the Environmental Consultants (CES). This fully meets the requirements of the MMP and is the perfect solution for Kenton.

      The above Consultants have advised Estuary Care , KOSRA and the Municipality that the Compromise idea of Estuary care will achieve no solution and just cost money and will not be approved. KSDNA have had to make it very clear again that this further intervention is just going to cost more money and delay the project. We cannot believe the ratepayers will want to support a further non professional solution that achieves nothing. the KSDNA have had to make all parties fully aware that they can only support a project that will be approved.
      Robert Rose Chairman KSDNA

  2. What is the proposed process/steps?
    Within what regulatory framework/s? and parameters?
    What is the objective/result that everyone would be happy with?

  3. Please advise who the Sand dune association consists of, and what their aims and objectives are

    • Hi William
      If you click on the link – Sand Dune Association – in the blog post it will take you to their website and you will be able to see all their details and objectives.

  4. There is a simple solution to the problem. I remember clearly as a child and later on in the late 1970’s driving through dry bones valley. there was no fauna and only sand. It is what is known as a sand river. If the fauna is removed, the sand will migrate through on to middle beach as was natural before. Any other remedy will end with the dune reforming in time.

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