Submission to the Ndlambe Municipality regarding the Dune issue

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Blog | 2 comments

Dear Community

Perceptions, concerns and opinions relating to the lower Bushman’s estuary, the estuary mouth and the highly mobile dune systems east and west of the mouth have been in dispute for over three decades. These concerns have resulted in a plethora of proposals, engineering analyses and physical management options to deal with what can be described at the outset as anthropogenic problems generated by a disregard for the powerful and dynamic nature of estuaries and highly mobile coastal dune systems.

Please find attached the Estuary Care and MER estuary expert submissions to Ndlambe regarding the Dune issue.


  1. The report reiterates what has been stated in the past and ignored. This is the way to go. It seems there are a lot of heads stuck in the sand.

    • KOSRA is working with enviro specialists to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Please see our Facebook page for regular updates

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