Our area has been subject to water restrictions since December 2017.

We live in a water scares world! Don’t waste the precious water! Whether you’re a resident of our lovely village or a visitor please do your upmost to conserve our limited water supply.

We urge all residents to install water storage tanks. Rainwater is free and although limited at times it is a resource too valuable to waste; storing water helps reduce the pressure on the municipal water supply.


Report Municipal Water Leaks Mr Yoks Ntintili 071 423 7612


In the bathroom

  • Keep a bucket in the shower. Catch the water and use it to flush loos or water plants.
  • Take short showers! Don’t bath it uses too much water.
  • Remove the plug from baths – essential for house rentals and guest houses
  • Install water saving shower heads
  • Turn the tap off during teeth brushing
  • Flush loos only when necessary

In the kitchen

  • Use pasta cooking water to water plants.
  • Only use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads
  • Don’t let the tap run when washing dishes
  • Do less laundry

General household

  • Install grey water tanks
  • Install water storage tanks to capture rain water
  • Mend leaks immediately
  • Monitor your water bill
  • Never throw water down the drain as it can always be used again
  • Use a broom not a hose

In the garden

  • Shrink your lawn
  • Mulch plants to avoid evaporation
  • Plant succulents and water wise plants
  • Use grey water to water your plants
  • Don’t play with water
  • If you really have to wash a car or boat use a bucket of water and a sponge.

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