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Media Statement 28 July

As at 28 th July, there are a total of 688 confirmed cumulative Covid-19 positive cases in Ndlambe. There are presently a total of 115 active cases; and 570 patients have recovered, and sadly we offer our sincere condolences to the families of 3 members of our community.

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Food Aid Update

After 3 tranches of delivering food aid to Ekuphumleni during the lockdown periods, the position of the Food Aid Fund, as at 23 June is set out below.

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To set the record straight

Some of you who contributed so generously to KOSRA’s Food Aid Fund may have looked at recent posts on Kenton Rotary’s Facebook page.

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Relief Fund Update – 2nd week

Due to the enormous generosity of the residents of Kenton and the commitment of our project team from Ekuphumleni plus the members of the Kenton security initiative…

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Covid-19 Screening Form

The Eastern Cape Department of Health requires everyone living in Ndlambe at the present time to complete a COVID19 screening form.

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Covid-19 Relief Fund

We anticipate that when the lockdown starts to really bite, some members of our community, especially those in Ekuphumleni will become short of resources and be unable to buy food.

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For Non-permanent residents

We have just entered Day 1 of 21 days of lockdown, a necessary intervention if South Africa is to successfully slow the spread of COVID-19 infections.

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Security in the time of COVID-19

The immediate problem I see with this ‘lockdown’ is that there are no clear and distinct guidelines; everybody seems to be interpreting the guidelines the way that suits them best.

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Coronavirus COVID-19

The National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD) in South Africa has a clearly laid out plan for the testing, control, management and treatment of suspicious and proven cases.

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